What does Findcoou mean?

Findcoou is a ecommerce platform that offers a selection of plants including bromeliads (Cleveland), charlotte, and many others for the United States people.

The prices of all the items at present are very affordable. However, there are some beautiful and colorful plants available that can be grown outdoors.

All details regarding the policy are available on the main webpage. If you are interested to order the same product, you can do so before placing your orders.

If you are thinking about online shopping, it is important to consider the other aspect, such as Is Findcoou or not?

Specifications About Findcoou

  • The portal has shared the contact information for customer service: (701)-937-3559
  • The URL of the podium is https://findcoou.com/.
  • It doesn’t provide the company address so we are unable to visit the office.
  • The website also offers the option to subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Findcoou is not on any social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram so there is no traffic.
  • Findcoou The user’s side is not visible on any portals such as websites, trust pilots, social media sites, and so forth.
  • You can submit your query during office hours (1:00 PM GMT-6:00 PM GMT).
  • After receiving the product you can request a full refund within 30 calendar days.
  • After you’ve made the purchase decision, you will see the payment option. Prior to this, payment methods can be hidden.
  • It is protected by SSL integration and protocols.
  • The shipping policy of the company was posted on the company’s website.

Positive aspects

  • You can choose to take a Findcoou and since all the important aspects of the presentation are available on the podium.
  • All the plants are priced very affordably and look extremely fresh and attractive.
  • It will accept returns for delicate items.

Negative aspects

  • It offers fewer products.
  • There is currently no discount.
  • There is no social networking page.
  • No reviews of shoppers exist anywhere.
  • The payment mode is kept secret.
  • The company’s address has not yet been listed.

We also recommend you review the site, to read all points and verify its authenticity.

Is Findcoou Legit or Not?

  • The portal received the trust rank (i.e. 47.5 of 100) on the internet.
  • It was created in March 2021, just a few weeks ago.
  • It will expire at the end of the current year on 03/12/2022.
  • The trust index for the podium can be found online.
  • The founder information cannot be found anywhere.
  • It used copied content from another site to make the podium.
  • We are able to touch any website, no user feedback.
  • It is rare to find social networking activity so it is unlikely that there is any popularity.

It is difficult to believe because it lacks many important elements.

Customer Findcoou Review

Findcoou claims to offer a wide variety of plants including Cleveland and other varieties at an extremely affordable price.

We looked through the website in order to get some more important points. Unfortunatly, none of the trustworthy podiums were visible.


Final thoughts: We can win this article using a few points that are like new in online era. These include claims Cleveland’s; no user’s Findcoou present, the average trust rank, hiding payment methods, sharing of office locations, and many more.


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