This piece Fusalage Review help to expand the website’s coverage by providing exact information about the results and specifications along with the reviews’ status.

Are you someone who likes to embellish your journals or notes with fun stationary objects? Do your friends include you in stationery-related posts on social networks? If so, check out this site, which only sells stationery products and is receiving increasing customers from United States. In this article we will look at some of the fusalage Reviews.

The shop at Fusalage

The website offers a variety of heart-warming products for stationery, appealing to not just schoolchildren but also people of all ages. The main goal of the website is to meet the customer specific needs. As such, they’ve adhered to this concept, and you can observe this in their incredible items.

Their stationary products,

  • Notebooks with spirals (Printed, Cartoon Theme, Unicorn Theme Flamingo Marble Theme, random Girl, Letter Themed painting, Universe, etc.)
  • Different kinds of pencil cases
  • Printing on sticky notes
  • File bag
  • Pencil holders and pencils in a variety of models
  • Large pencil bags


Is Fusalage Legit? It is not a good idea to judge a book by its appearance. This is a well-known saying that applies to websites as well. We shouldn’t be able to verify their legitimacy with the help of their outside products. We must analyze them using their specifications.

  • Customers can purchase from:
  • Telephone number: They haven’t given the number.
  • Contact information: 344-354 gray’s Inn road, London, Greater London, England,
  • Social media activities: They’ve placed icons for social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter however none of them are functioning. Therefore, they aren’t active.
  • Reviews from customers: Fusalage Reviews are not available
  • Originality of the content 30 % is original
  • Privacy policy: they’ve elaborated their privacy policy
  • Shipping Policies: Free delivery for orders of 29 dollars, which can take between twelve to twenty days to receive free shipping. If they require the fastest delivery time they will have to pay an additional fee for it.
  • Return policy: Customers are able to return their item within 14 days from the date of delivery , and the product must be in the original packaging.
  • Refund policy: following an inspection of the returned item customers will be able to receive the refunds directly to the original account.
  • Optional payment options include PayPal or cards is available.

Fusalage reviews are not available This website is not able to provide the capacity to provide essential information, therefore it requires further investigation.

Highlights positives

  • If you spend over $29, customers will receive free shipping.
  • Discount rates of 20%-30 percent are offered.
  • The site looks stunning.

Positive highlights

  • Their information in the about us section isn’t compatible with their offerings.
  • Certain information is not clear.
  • Customer reviews aren’t available.
  • They made up their identity in social media.
  • Their pricing is higher than other stationery products. For instance, they sell normal notebooks for $20!

Evaluation of the legitimacy of Fusalage

Is Fusalage Legal? for us to give a full solution to the question we have to examine the technical specifications of the site. This allows us to establish the legitimacy of the website.

  • Domain age: Fusalage site was launched on the 26th of July 2022. thus, the domain’s age is not more than one month old.
  • The date of domain expiry: The domain expires on the 26th July 2023. duration of the domain
  • The name of the registrar is Alibaba computing limited. was registered under the name of Alibaba computing limited
  • Security of data: HTTPS helps to provide encryption of data, and it is easily detected
  • The trust index of the site It has been rated as 2 percent
  • Alexa ranking is not available
  • Fusalage Review There aren’t any reviews for any item
  • SEO Score: It is the lowest score of 36 percent
  • Plagiarism content: 66%
  • Company name: Hymax company ltd.

Summary of Reviews

We didn’t see any review in their Fusalge website. The most shocking thing is that they’ve not provided an area for users to add ratings or reviews of any specific product. Therefore, the ratings and comments are not available, nor aren’t any reviews about the products of fusalage on any web pages. Therefore, this site doesn’t appear like a genuine one.


Fusalage Review has provided the required study of the website. The website isn’t legitimate because of its low trust score and a poor SEO score. We couldn’t find any reviews of their products.

Furthermore, they’ve plagiarized much all of the material they have. This means that it is unable to establish its legitimacy which is why people must be aware when tackling this site.

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