Have you learned about Naaoc.com’s business? Do you think it is legal? You can find the correct answers in the sections that follow.

According to a study conducted by the University of California, Santa Barbara, scammers have been using online methods more often than in the past due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, most victims, particularly from the United States said that they had been exposed to many fraudulent activities via suspicious websites. This article will show Naaoc.com’s reality by analysing factors, including the Naaoc Reviews.

This Virtual Shop

According to the investigation, this website aims to provide its users with the best deals. Additionally, the portal stated that it would deliver products within a given time in order to keep a steady flow of products. The portal also stated that they care about each customer and treat them with respect. This is how they built their online popularity.

In order to offer the best possible service, they check each aspect of every item. We’ve covered the basics. Now let’s get into the next paragraph.

Mentioning What Are the Legit ?

  • We detected the website’s official URL is https://www.naaoc.com/.
  • The site accepts returns only if the item was returned in its original packaging.
  • Our survey stated the email address as sales@customerservicesface.com
  • The investigation revealed the Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook icons.
  • No phone number has been found.
  • They will email the buyer about the status and status of the refund application.
  • PayPal is an acceptable payment method.
  • We haven’t found any other information regarding the exchange policies.
  • Delaware, OH 43015 United States has been declared as the address on the portal.
  • Portal shows the inaccessibility of delivery policy details.
  • The Naaoc Reviews survey discovered the newsletter availability.
  • Website stated that shipping will take between 7 and 9 working days.
  • We discovered that the website was created on 28-06-2022. However, it is still relatively new at 9 days.

The Advantages of

  • Our survey identified the contact address, and the email address.
  • The newsletter subscription feature can be used.
  • All over the site are icons representing social networks.
  • This portal is under review.


  • Trustpilot has yet to publish any reviews.
  • The social icons are not functional.
  • The investigation discovered a negative comment about this portal.
  • Our Naaoc exam revealed that the portal looked similar to other suspect sites.

Is Naaoc Fraud?

  • Alexa Rank – We found a 1005283 result.
  • Trust Rating – 1.3/100 Value is Secured
  • Portal Ice Date — We discovered that the website remains functional through 28-06-2023.
  • Policies No details about delivery or exchange are suggested.
  • Rebates Info– Our investigation revealed that the portal provides unreliable discounts to customers.
  • Portal Age – Naaoc.com was established on 28 June 2022. This means that it was registered 9 day ago.
  • Comments from Customers. During our analysis, there were no Trustpilot reviews. On a popular review platform, however, we discovered one negative. Inquiring is Naaoc Legit
  • Trust Scoring– Only 1% was reported in our survey.
  • Details – The address details provided by a source can be found on another shopping site.
  • Social Network Contacts– We think the social icons may be inoperable and are causing suspicion.
  • Owner Information The investigation found that there were no founder details on this website.

What Do Legit Clients Say?

Trustpilot is a popular online review site. However, while we were surveying, there have been no customer reviews. We found one negative comment on another platform that expressed concerns about low prices for products. Therefore, we gave the site a 1 star rating instead of a 5 star rating. Further research on Naaoc revealed that the portal is still young and has many shortcomings.

Further research revealed that it had a low score. This makes it difficult for people to believe in the site and make purchases. Therefore, we advise you to not use this website until there are new comments.


This article explained the details of the website and its legitimacy factors, and concluded that it was a questionable portal. Additionally, it is important to be aware that such sites exist and that you do your homework before making a purchase.


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