Are you looking to find the Vakkerlight Review review? Please read this article to the final paragraph to obtain real details.

Have you visited the website Are you interested in a look at this store online? Lights for decorative purposes are thought of as multi-purpose products that can help create a more attractive appearance for the room by utilizing lightning.

In addition, according to numerous people in America, according to a lot of people from the United States, lighting adds a touch of elegance to homes. In this article we will talk about the genuineness of the website that sells light, For more facts that are true, continue reading the Vakkerlight Reviews article with a keen eye.

What Is

The overview we gave of About Us section exposed the website, which claims to be the most reliable source for lighting for homes. In addition, it stated its purpose as providing the most comprehensive and updated selection of lighting fixtures, lamps and ceiling fans on the smallest budget that is possible. Additionally, the website declared that it offers an efficient customer service with most efficient service, which includes buyer’s questions.

While analyzing the site, we noticed that this online store boasts of offering its customers numerous discounts. After analyzing the summary of the website We would like to know further details about the website to reveal- Are the claims of Vakkerlight Legit?

Revealing Specifications Of This Online Shop

  • is the URL retrieved while inspecting this website.
  • The survey identified the option to receive newsletters.
  • The website offers the option of a 14-day return period.
  • The online store offers products for home lighting as well as ceiling fans, and other items.
  • showed it’s United States Office address as 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. # 29032 Houston, TX 77043, however, the CN factory is in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, 528421 China.
  • The website said that it would deliver the items within between 4 and 6 weeks from the time of ordering.
  • We found two addresses, i.e., (0086) (0086) 158 7609 9121 or (0086) the number 158 9121 7609.
  • Our Vakkerlight Review investigation highlighted MasterCard, PayPal and VISA are the accepted payment methods by this website.
  • The customer must contact this website in 14 days in order to receive an exchange.
  • The shop on the internet is eight months and 17 day in age since it was established on November 23, 2021.
  • In our inquiry, we noticed that the processing time is between 5 and 50 days.
  • Images of popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are shown.
  • The website claimed to credit the refund upon examining and approving your request immediately.

Perks Determined Within The Site

  • Vakkerlight Reviews investigation found that Trustpilot has only one comment on this website.
  • We found the email addresses offices, addresses for office and telephone numbers.
  • The option to receive newsletters is available.
  • Our survey revealed social icons.
  • There are many reviews available.

Drawbacks Founded

  • Two telephone numbers, offices and email addresses could make buyers suspicious.

Is Vakkerlight Unreliable?

  • reviews from Shoppers After conducting a survey the reviews, we found one negative review on Trustpilot which raised an alarm. However, the official website has lots of reviews.
  • trust score A 33% score can make the website into a scam since the score is not high.
  • Trust Ranking We got an unsatisfactory 0.0/100 value, which raises doubts such as Are Vakkerlight Legit?
  • address originality on the provided addresses, there isn’t a single business operating with the same name to the web portal.
  • Alexa Rank— has amassed a number of 463624 Alexa Rank.
  • Discounts and Authenticity This site has items listed at close to half price, which may be a scam.
  • Domain Age 23-11-2021 was the date that the site was registered in the description, which states it’s an 8 months as well as 17-day old website.
  • Social icons This is the reason that Twitter as well as the Instagram pages do not have reviews. In addition the fact that the Facebook link will take you to a page that is not on the site.
  • Website Expiration Date The site will be closed on the 23rd of November 2026.
  • Bulk-Purchasing We have noted the facility’s availability.

What Are Authentic Vakkerlight Reviews ?

The site only rescued one negative feedback from Trustpilot which earned an average 3.2/5 stars. In addition the user described the site as a re-launched version of Vakkerlighting which is true, however both are awful.

Additionally there is a portal where the store has a poor ranking, i.e., 1/100 and displaying a suspicious nature of So, it is essential to be vigilant and cautious when looking up this website.

The Bottom Line

The article reviewed all the truthful results of Vakkerlight reviews to examine the truth of We discovered the website to be suspect and suspect.

Have you been previously cheated by If yes, tell us your comments.


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