Are you looking for the real truth behind Wizmazzaken? If you answered yes, you’ve landed on the right webpage. This page will provide all details regarding this store. Let’s dive into the truth with our Wizmazzaken Review to find out if is a fraud or a reliable company.

What is

It is selling bulk products like the Amazon Global Online Wholesale Pallet, which have similar product images and details to many scam sites. Before you decide to shop at this online store, there are many things you should know.

Wizmazzaken is a fraudulent site because of the following facts:

Social Media Presence

The social media icon for the business’s page on social media is not available. Most online stores offer social media icons to be linked to their profiles, pages, and social media groups. You might not find it on social media.

Copied content

Its website contains many details, including a theme that matches several scam sites. Its About Us page has many similarities to problematic or scam websites.

Sale and Discount Offers

Many products are listed on the site in large quantities, and also in retail. There are heavy discounts for such items as Amazon Global Online Wholesale Pallet. Stainless Steel Pipe Adapter. Threaded Connector. Mecha Film Gaming Keyboard. Bronze Resin Floor lamp. 12’’ 3-Speed Oscillating Fan. FT30-8MBW. Scam sites often offer these types of sales in order to lure people into their scam.

Delivery and Customer Complaints

Many online stores offer similar products and have customer complaints about the quality of their delivery times and customer support.


All of the above facts can be used to conclude that Wizmazzaken has been a fraud online store.

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