Weddings are enjoyable to attend and one of the best events to dress beautifully and apply makeup for. A wedding guest should keep in mind a few things, including the type of jewellery they plan to wear. The majority of fashionable women have an opportunity like no other. A wedding gives you the chance to make a bold statement and don something unique, fun, and surprising, unlike at your typical work event. At least, that’s how inexperienced wedding guests perceive things. The reality is that your sense of style will never eclipse a soon-to-wed couple. 

However, the etiquette also applies to you as the bride and groom’s guest in terms of what to wear. It can be difficult to style the entire bridal party ensemble. You must respect the pair as a visitor, for this reason, thus you must still present yourself well. Find the suitable look between your attire, shoes, clutch, accessories, makeup, and hair.

These fundamental guidelines should also be followed while purchasing jewellery for a wedding, since doing so will ensure that you are giving the happy couple your best effort. Let’s begin with the instruction manual: –

Choose Classic Pieces

Choose classic accessories if the wedding’s overall theme is unorthodox, but try to avoid going overboard. Instead of wearing bulky bracelets, wear a diamond mangalsutra bracelet and stud earrings. The ideal and tasteful accessory to wear as a wedding guest may just be timeless pearls, with diamonds kept for the bride. Such jewellery etiquette may not suit your own preferences, but it is best to practise it. After all, the entire purpose of dress rules is to highlight the bride and husband. You must watch different design of mangalsutra.

Turn To Pearls

However, if you’re trying to dress for a variety of wedding events, pearls are always a good idea. These timeless beauties are making a big comeback. Have you ever noticed that pearls may declare something? Not to mention their versatility and ability to go well with both muted and vibrant colours. You’ll be the most fashionable wedding guest all season if you wear a pearl necklace and a pair of statement pearl earrings.

Avoid Statement Pieces

Remember, the wedding is all about the couple getting married. Visitors should not wear any eye-catching jewellery. Wear jewellery that will not draw too much attention, just like a platinum ring for men. Wear trendy clothing, but not so much that the bride steals the show.

Extra Tips 

  • Wear your vibrant jewellery with formal attire if you want to add some colour and whimsy. This means that jewellery that allows you to express yourself through its colours or designs can dress up even the most basic and plain of outfits.
  • Depending on whether it is daytime or night-time, mix and match the various jewellery colours and styles. Choose delicate silver or pearl earrings for the wedding ceremony, and bring lighter, more dazzling hues to the evening reception of stones or gold.
  • Each piece of jewellery you wear goes well with your outerwear. Choose simple jewellery if your dress has a lot of embellishments, designs, or colours. If your dress has a high neck, you most definitely don’t need a necklace; instead, go with a bracelet and some dangly earrings.
  • Avoid being too similar at all times. Many women also enjoy accessorising their nails with jewellery and matching their heels to their bags. While not wrong, this is undeniably dull and out of date. Make an effort to have fun with clashing colours.
  • So, the next time you’re invited to a wedding, try substituting event-appropriate accessories for your statement pieces. In reality, jewellery etiquette allows you to make the most beautiful fashion choices without appearing tasteless or as if the bride and groom are attempting to outshine you. 


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