Kegura is an online shop that sells jewelry and fashion accessories at a discount price. We are skeptical about the legitimacy and credibility of this online shop. This is why we wrote this review. Continue reading to learn more about this new Jewelry store.

Online shoppers are finding it increasingly difficult to find the right store. Some crooks also trick online shoppers. Therefore, it is important to research the stores thoroughly before making any purchases.

Customers have reported that the viral fashion accessory store is suspicious. You should read the following details if you plan to shop at this online store.

What is Kegura Jewelry?

Kegura, a brand new jewelry store, specializes in fashion accessories. It sells bracelets, rings and sunglasses as well as many other accessories. We are suspicious of its legitimacy because every product displayed has a discount.

The website’s interface is user-friendly, but it does not include important information such as the owner’s details and phone number. We also discovered copied content on the website that isn’t common for legitimate websites. The website also received only positive reviews, which is unusual for online shops like this.

The website also has a low trust score, which is not a good sign. Some users claim that hidden fees are present on nearly every product, and their policies are opaque.

Kegura Jewelry Review

We have reviewed the following items in order to give an objective review of the Kegura Jewelry shop:

  • Domain creation date
  • Refund Policy
  • Contact details
  • Trust Score
  • Social media presence
  • Customer reviews

Let’s discuss each of these factors in greater detail.

1. Domain creation date

This website’s domain was created on the 24th of March 2021. It is therefore a new website. New entrants are often less experienced and perform poorly compared to branded sites and stores.

2. Refund Policy

According to reviews on the site, allows customers to return their product within four weeks. This is a positive sign.

3. Contact Details

The website does not have contact information and it doesn’t even know who the owner is. The website is also missing information regarding customer support numbers and emails, making it a risky option.

4. Trust Score

When we attempted to conduct an online test, the website received a very low score. The website appears to be suspicious.

5. Social Media Presence

It is strange that this online store is not listed on any major social media platforms. The website fails again to pass the legitimacy test.

6. Customer Reviews

We also looked into customer reviews to determine if the website was legitimate. Although we did find some negative reviews, most of the ones that we found were positive. The website didn’t have any negative reviews, which is unusual for new sites. This also makes the website suspicious.

Final Verdict

We have reviewed all information and concluded that this website is not legitimate at the moment. Before making any purchase at the Kegura Jewelry shop, it is important that shoppers consider all of the above.


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