If you are unsure about this site , or whether it is a good idea or not then you should check out the Kokobrand Review prior to shopping on the website.

Do you purchase jewelry from an online store? Recently, we came across an online shop that has jewelry collections. They offer a wide selection of their jewelry. The website is known as Kokobrand. It offers only jewellery.

It has been gaining recognition throughout its home country of the United United States. However, is it an authentic one? We’re here to provide that answer through the Kokobrand reviews. If you like the products appealing reviewing our reviews will ensure that you do not be swindled by fraudulent websites. Therefore, you should read the review.

Introduction of the Kokobrand Website

Kokobrand is an internet-based shop that sells jewellery. They have necklaces, earrings as well as rings, bracelets chokers, bangles and other items. In addition to jewelry, they sell purses, bags, and vests. The jewelry they sell is extremely attractive because they’re unique. They are different in appearance and appearance.

Their merchandise is a blend of modern and classic style. This website also sports an exclusive name. The website hasn’t disclosed any information about the company or domain time isn’t available. Additionally, there is no discount offered on their products. Then, we’ll go to the details of this site, and you will can find out if is Kokobrand legal and if it is not.

Specifications Regarding The Kokobrand Website

  • Domain Creation Date-The date for the creation of the domain is not accessible anyplace.
  • method of payment The amount can be paid through debit or credit card Bizum as well as Paypal.
  • Newsletter-Newsletter The newsletter option isn’t accessible on their website.
  • Available Items :Rings Necklaces, bracelets, necklaces earrings, bags, vest , etc.
  • Return Policy-You must notify them via email before returning your item.
  • Refund Policy-This information is not available.
  • Exchange Policy-Exchange policy details haven’t been disclosed.
  • Contact Number: The contact phone number is not listed.
  • The physical Address-Website is not an address.
  • Website Link- https://kokobrand.es/
  • Shipping Time-Know by reading Kokobrand Review that you will receive your items within a couple of days.

Let’s look at the site’s positive and negative points that are essential to be aware of its legitimacy.

Positive Aspects of Kokobrand

  • The site has many distinctive collection of jewelry.
  • The website is protected through the HTTPS protocol as well as SSL integration. SSL integration.
  • A single social media profile is accessible.
  • The website uses the identical Url as well as Portal names that it does, which is a good indication.

Negative Aspects of Kokobrand

  • The site has very few payment options which is a bad sign.
  • They haven’t offered any discounts.
  • There isn’t a newsletter option that is available.
  • A single customer review is available.
  • They’ve not shared their contact details in full this is a web scam.
  • The details of the owner of the website have not been disclosed.

Is Kokobrand Legit? Or A Scam

The next step is to discuss the factors with the aid of which we will be able to determine the authenticity of the website.

  • Policies Almost every policy is available.
  • Address Authenticity –Website hasn’t disclosed the address information.
  • Owner Information Owner Details The owner’s information is not visible.
  • Trust Score Trust Score Website is rated at 60 percent, which isn’t an excellent score.
  • Trust Rank –The trust ranking isn’t accessible.
  • Content Quality This term as well as the condition content is copied 97% from a different site.
  • Social Media Platforms Website is active only on Instagram.
  • Domain Registration Date The date of registration has not been disclosed anywhere.
  • End Date Learn via Kokobrand reviews that their expiry date can’t be located in any other place.
  • Discounts –Discounts are not offered and it’s not attractive.
  • Customer Reviews –Not one customer has ever reviewed this website.

Customer Reviews

After conducting a thorough investigation and a thorough analysis, we could not locate any reviews from customers. There’s not one user who has posted a review on this site. There aren’t any reviews on any other regular websites also.

There are also no review based on an article or any other evaluation available. Additionally, there are only two or three public comments on their social media accounts. If you’re keen to learn about the steps required for a refunds through PayPal go through the steps in the Kokobrand Reviews blog.


Following our discussion from earlier in which we discussed the domain’s age on the website is not available. The website isn’t owned by anyone, however it is active socially on popular media like Instagram with more than 9k followers. However it is not gaining any reviews from customers. This website could be considered a suspicious website. You can also decide to be patient and wait for updates in the future.

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