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What is Kristallnacht

Kristallnacht is also known by the Night of Broken Glass. It is also known by the November pogrom. The pogrom is an act of violence against a religious group, especially Jews. The pogrom was organized by two paramilitary groups of the Nazi Party, Sturmabteilung and Schutzstaffel. The pogrom also saw participation of the Hitler youth as well as civilians from Germany. The German authorities didn’t interfere with the riot. Kristallnacht was the name given to the street after broken glass pelted the streets.

KFC Controversy

Kristallnachthas been trending since KFC apologized for a promotional message in which it urged German customers to remember Kristallnacht with the help of cheesy poultry. KFC issued an app warning that customers should treat themselves with tender cheese on Kristallnacht Memorial Day. After one hour, another message was sent expressing their regret. After an hour, another message was sent. It stated that they were very sorry and promised to review the internal processes to prevent similar activities. Germany commemorates Kristallnacht’s anniversary every 9th November. Many events are held in Germany to commemorate this solemn event.

what is kristallnacht mean?

Kristallnacht was a Nazi pogrom against Jews. Kristallnacht was given its name when Jewish-owned property were demolished. The assassination by Ernst Vom Rath, German diplomat, was the main reason for the attack. Herschel Grynszpan killed him, a Parisian and 17-year-old German Jew. The attackers set fire to all Jewish buildings and schools using sledgehammers during this riot. Over 7,000 Jewish business were destroyed and 30,000 Jewish men were imprisoned in concentration camps. The incident received worldwide attention. It was recognized as an important historical event, which occurred between 1933-1945.

KFC controversy – Kristallnacht2022 date has been the focus of particular attention. The public has been reminded of the historic event by the controversy.


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Kristallnacht, a national holiday observed every year on 9th November, is observed. It is considered an important historical event. This important event is known all over the world.

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