Considering Limerer for your online purchase? Let’s first look at the truth behind Limerer. You can read our Allchan / Limerer review to find out if this is a scam or a legitimate company for any type of online transactions.

Due to the following disadvantages, we have been unable to consider Limerer/ Allchan a reliable site:

Different domain names and websites

Its website name, “Allchan”, is different from its domain name.

Contact Information

Multiple scam and troublesome websites have used the parent company name “LANDBASE TRADE CO. LTD”. Searching LANDBASE TRADE CO. LTD on our website will bring up a list of sites that use this parent company. It has listed its parent company as LANDBASE TRADE CO. LTD. However, it could change its address and name in the future due to similar sites.

Social Media Presence

It has placed fake social media icons on its site that redirect you to the respective sites’ home pages when you click them. Instead of sending you to its business-related social media pages, profiles or groups, it has done this.

Copied content

Numerous other details on the website, including its theme, match multiple problematic websites.

Special Sales and Discounts

It lists many products, including: 2022 Latest Kart/Dune-Off-Road Vehicle. Can Opener 6pcs/pack. The thick blanket, Bounce Core Push, Universal Chair Cover, and others. You can get heavy discounts on these products. Scam sites often offer such discounts in order to lure people to their scams.

Customer complaints and delivery

There are many online shops selling similar products that have complaints about product quality, delivery times, and customer service.


All of the above facts indicate that Limerer / Allchanis is a suspicious online shop.


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