This article details the services offered by this website and provides more information about its legitimacy. For more information, please read our article.

Are you familiar with the services offered by Do you have any information about the legitimacy of If you don’t know anything about the legitimacy of, we will share all the details with you. The website deals with financial services as well as payments. The website was built in Australia.

Today’s blog will give details about the web portal and more detail on its legitimacy. Linktfect CC Scam You can read more about it in the article below.

What is

This website offers financial services. This web portal is connected to the affiliate program industry. The website’s services focus on the handling of information and payments. The Http protocol allows for encryption of traffic between two connections. But, before applying to its financial services, you should verify whether Linktfect Scam is present. Website isn’t opening, so it appears that the website is blocked. The website seems to be untrustworthy.

Features of

  • The URL for the webpage:
  • The web site existence:The web page was registered on 01/12/2022.
  • The website’s expiry date: On 01/12/2023, the web portal will be closed.
  • The address of the site: We don’t have any information.
  • Social media icons: It doesn’t have any information on social media logos.
  • Name of web developer: We don’t know enough about the web developer to determine if it is Linktfect Scam or legitimate

Website value:

  • The website’s start: Web portal registered 01/12/2022.
  • Email Address:There is no data about the website email address.
  • Alexa global rank
  • Trust Ranking
  • Social website presence: It doesn’t have any details about the logos of social sites on its website.
  • Rate for copied content: The Linktfect Cybercrime rate is not available.

Review from customers

No customer reviews have been submitted to the portal. The web portal’s alexa global ranking is also unavailable. The web portal does not appear on social networks. The web portal doesn’t have any reviews on online platforms or social media sites.


The web portal doesn’t have any experience with online markets. Additionally, the website has a low Trust rank. It is not legit because the website doesn’t have reviews on any online websites. Customers should be wary of the web portal.

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