If you’ve been accused of committing any crime and you are convicted, you can be sure of being punished throughout your lifetime. Click here to read the Marcus Green Arrested article to find out more about the incident.

Do you realize that no crime can be perfect? This is due to the fact that police officers in any country are continuously trained to think like criminals and act as legal officers to find criminals and killers. The same thing happened during the United States when a man was charged in 2008 with the murder of his cousin.

After many years the culprit is now getting his punishment for his crimes. We suggest that you read the Marcus Green Arrested post to read the whole background. Let us get started!

The Story

Amy Weirich, the District Attorney General of Shelby County, claims that the crime was committed in the convenience store located in North Memphis.

Marcus Green, 43, was found guilty by an in-person jury at the Criminal Court after a trial which lasted for one week. Green is found guilty on charges of first-degree murder by using a firearm for the commission of a dangerous crime as well as being a convicted felon in possession of guns. The cousin of Green Deonta Baskin aged 44 aged, was found guilty of murder in the first degree as well as being a criminal convicted possessing a handgun.

Marcus Green Arrested

Marceles Scurlock, 27, was murdered and shot by his relatives in the late afternoon of the 23rd May at the front of a business situated in the 1600 block Oakwood Street, according to the office of the district attorney.

The fight of the trio was recorded on a camera that also recorded Scurlock trying to leave, but was stopped by Baskin who then restrained Scurlock while Green struck him in the head with a pistol and whipped the man.

Baskin reported to the police that Baskin began shooting numerous bullets prior to being struck on the back by Marcus Green Arrested who was believed to have done it in a hazard.

What did the video demonstrate?

The video also included footage of Scurlock collapsed on the road, and Baskin continued to shoot while he left the scene. Scurlock suffered 15 gunshot wounds as well as was declared dead on the scene of the incident.

Green not only shot at the victim’s girlfriend, but also fired at her when she attempted to find refuge inside the business.

In 2007 Baskin has been found to be guilty of a different murder investigation. Marcus Green Arrested and sentenced to jail for 24 years. He served the first 10 year of the sentence. But he was granted parole in 2017a year before his arrest in connection with the murder which took place within North Memphis. If the judge Lee Coffee eventually sentences Baskin The prosecutors plan to insist on a sentence which will prevent Baskin from ever getting granted parole.


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