Below is the full details of Mimcossale online store that will provide you with the facts about whether this is an Mimcossale .com fraud or a reputable business. Let’s get right to the conclusion in our Mimcossale Review below.

Below are more details that prove Mimcossale is a scam website:

Contact Information

The address for email “mbexpertfor@gmail .com” is located on a variety of scam websites.

Brand Misuse

It has used its customers with the Mimco logo for its website’s brand name, logo and trademark and it claims to sell products under the Mimco trademarked of products. But, it’s not connected to the Mimco business, nor they are an official retailer of Mimco brand products. Therefore, it has abused the brand name Mimco.

Attention: Currently, it has abused the brand name Mimco however, it could misuse a different brand name or alter the details of its website completely in the near future, because a lot of similar types of scam websites are discovered to be doing this.

Social Media Presence

It has posted false social media icon on their site that take you to homepages of the specific social media websites when you click them instead of sending you to its corporate social media profiles, pages, or groups.

Copy-protected content

The theme of the site and a host of other information on its site are in line with several scam websites. The About Us page is also identical to a variety of fraudulent and shady websites.

Discount and sales deals

It has posted Mimco trademarked items on sale for sale at a ridiculously high discount rates, which is virtually impossible for any legitimate stores to provide even during Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Customer Complaints and Delivery

There are a lot of similar online retailers with complaints about their products’ quality, delivery speed and also about customer service.


Based on the above mentioned facts, it can be verified it is true that Mimcossale is a fake online store.


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