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Daughters of Mohamed-Al-Fayed

Online sources indicate that Mohamed-Al-Fayed is father to three boys and two girls. His daughters were Jasmine Alfayed and Camilla Al-Fayed. According to some sources, Jasmine is the oldest of his daughters. Her birth year also indicates that she is older that Camilla. Jasmine Al Fayed’s date of birth is unknown. Our research indicates that Camilla-Al-Fayed appears to be his younger child. Learn more about their wiki.

Why was Jasmine previously mentioned in news?

Sources say Jasmine opened her fashion shop in 2003. However, she was subject to a lot criticism from the general public. She used her father’s surname to draw a lot of criticism. Netizens believed she had launched her fashion brand under her father’s namesake. Critics also accused her not finishing her degree in fashion design and of only completing one year of apprenticeship. She was later praised by Victoria Beckham, and all her critics were proved wrong.

The Net Worth Of Jasmine-Al-Fayed & Camilla-Al-Fayed

Jasmine Al Fayed and Camilla Al-Fayed’s net worth are not yet known. They are both well-known individuals who have built their own businesses. However, their father was a popular businessman and his net wealth has been discussed online. Sources claim that Mohamed-Alfayed has a net worth of $2 billion. Unfortunately, Jasmine’s net worth and Camilla’s was not available to us.

Dodi dies

Dodi Fayed (son of Mohamed) died at the age 42. He was the father of Princess Diana, Princess Of Wales. On August 31, 1997, he was involved in a fatal car accident. He was with Diana, his partner who was also in an accident. Due to her injuries, she also died.

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