In the Morocco murders Video Reddit, we will learn about the fate of the two tourists who were killed in the past four years and what will be the verdict for this matter.

Have you heard of the double murders of tourists in Morocco? Have you heard about the case of quadruple murder in the University of Idaho? An arrest for the suspected was completed as part of this Idaho case. In this connection an old case of Scandinavian tourists murdered at the hands of a tourist from Morocco is also being highlighted. Many people all over the worldare looking for the details in this instance. Let’s talk about Morocco murders Video Redditto know in depth.

What’s happened, and what’s the story?

It was December 2018 , when two travelers were murdered in Morocco. The two women were traveling to the North African country. Then there was a trending video on various social media platforms which showed a man beheading one woman.

The lady screams when cutting her head. He was not merciful and blood pours out of the upper part of her body. Then, he threw the head cut in the area of the room.

The video was very disturbing and was met with criticism from people who saw it popular on Twitter..

Who were the two women who were killed during the murders in Morocco?

Louisa Jespersen, 24 years old, and Maren Ueland who was 28 years old, both from Denmark and Norway respectively, were killed when they were traveling to the summit of North Africa’s highest mountain. According Ueland’s mother the pair were traveling in complete safety. The bodies of their dead were retrieved from the tent where they stayed for the duration of their trip.

In the viral video the perpetrator said that it was a retribution for the brothers who were killed in the bloody massacre that took place in Syria. The police made more than thirty arrests of suspects in this particular case.

What happened in this case?

Then, a different Twitter video on Twitter and Instagram showed four men accused of murdering tourists who had sworn towards their leaders.

As of now, Norway police arrested four men in a Scandinavian women’s murder case. Moroccan authorities confirmed that the four men are the same ones they appear on the footage.

The case was brought to the courtroom and three of them were sentenced to death and one of them who taught them how to utilize a weapon as well as encrypted messages was sentenced to 20 years behind bars. When videos on YouTube or other online social network posts became viral, the public called for justice for the three. Rachid Afatti, aged 33 recorded the crime on his smartphone while EjjoudAbdessamad 25, and Younes Ouaziyad who was 27 cut off the heads of two women off her body.


A suspect was arrested in connection with the University of Idaho murder case. In the wake of this arrest, investigators have also begun searching for a different murder case involving two tourist hikers in their 20s. We have listed the essential details regarding this. Read the whole Reddit conversation here.

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