The top destination for hair Transplant Hair transplant is a great way to get rid of your baldness and allow your hair to grow naturally. 1 million+ medical tourists flock to Turkey each year to boost their health and look more attractive. In 2023 the Turkish medical industry is expected to see 2 million patients from all over the globe. Turkish medical professionals have a great degree of expertise and patient have confidence. They are able to perform the most demanding procedures flawlessly and hair transplants within Turkey is among the most sought-after. The fascination with this procedure continues to grow due to the positive feedback received by patients and look at before-and-after pictures of patients who have had similar experiences and dream of getting the same results at affordable prices.

Turkey is believed to be as one of the top locations in the world for hair transplantation worldwide.600+ patients receive new hair each day. But, how does patients choose the right Turkish physician with the appropriate expertise? Medical tourists typically use medical portals like Bookimed. They offer free medical assistance for foreigners. It is possible to check the prices and the most highly rated Turkish salons for hair transplants by visiting the Bookimed website. These clinics have been licensed as well as accredited to provide services to international patients.

Get a Hair Transplant Cheaper

Transplanting hair in Turkey is a major benefit that is a low cost. In many clinics, you can find costs that are lower, as high as 70% less than that of the UK as well as the USA.

  • Turkey: $2,000
  • The USA: $9,500
  • The UK: $20,000

Why would you pay more for a service that is identical or even more? It is easy to find an all-inclusive deal at an affordable cost among Turkish clinics. Each Clinic has their own pricing policy, policy on doctors’ acknowledgement, and their experience. Other services can also affect the final cost. It is much easier to submit your inquiry to Bookimed and receive a thorough consultation. Your medical specialist will advise you on the most appropriate solution based on your budget.

Why Do US and EU Clinics Charge Patients More Than Turkish Ones?

To answer this question then, it is recommended to consult for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development that conducts in-depth analysis of the costs for medical care globally. Higher the score, the more expensive medical services in a particular country due to its economic situation, the job market, salary scale and the cost of living. Based on their statistics, Turkey has one of the lowest indexes at 41. The European Union has a 91 index, while the USA is among the most high indexeswhich is of 115. Turkey is a top option to provide the highest-quality hair transplantation service at an affordable cost.

The Hair Transplantation Process Overview

A hair surgeon extracts mechanically/manually hair grafts from a patient’s donor area. It is important to realize that grafts share an identical channel for blood flow as well as sebaceous gland which is crucial to a positive hair implantation result. Most of the time the whole process takes about 8 hours in accordance with the method prescribed. Your physician will conduct the procedure under local anesthesia. Therefore, you shouldn’t be scared of any pain or of discomfort. The desired result is observed in about four months. Hair follicles in a patient begin growing individually. The next phase is when the transplanted hair begins to fall out, allowing new hair grow naturally manner. From this point you will ignore your hairless zones. The rate of success in Turkish clinics is as high as 91%.

Where To Find the Top Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

The most well-known centers for transplants of hair are found in large Turkish cities like Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya and Izmir. It’s no surprise that Istanbul is the city that receives the largest number in medical tourism. Many thousands of people are entrusting their beauty to Turkish surgeons because they are aware that the skilled professionals can accomplish incredible miracles. Istanbul is recognized as the medical and cultural capital, which is home to an enormous flow of foreign patients. It is a motivator for Turkish doctors to learn their English language and communicate fluently in their interactions with patients. Take note that When the Bookimed team is arranging the trip, you’ll receive assistance with language and transportation.

Start Arranging Your Treatment via Bookimed

Bookimed is an Ukrainian medical tourism website which has gained the trust of people around the world. More than 8,000 patients submit online inquiries every month inquiring for information and assistance in making booking travel arrangements. Find out how you can profit by the free service:

An enormous selection of Turkish clinics so that you can pick the most affordable and suitable choice for your requirements.

Support for customers is available 24 hours a day. The experts are available to locate a doctor or clinic, plan a schedule that is within your budget and answer any questions during the preparation process or during the the actual trip.

The guidance of patients can help greatly in reducing time and ease of stress that comes with medical treatments. Contact with your medical advisor by phone or chat.

Free medical assistance will put your experience at Bookimed beyond your expectations.

Final Thoughts

In the majority of cases genetics are the main reason for confidence. This means that you cannot go against it unless you choose to take the matter to your own and seek out the right expert. Enjoy the satisfaction of appearing attractive and beautiful. When you see the first outcomes of the hair transplant procedure you’ll feel healthier and more vibrant. You deserve it.


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