Get all the details available on to learn about recent messages and find out if it is Mp3dk a scam.

Have you heard that many users received scam texts from between December 24th and December 2022 in Denmark? What was the subject of the text message? Does the website available? What are the messages the scam target? What are the comments written about the scam? Did you receive a call from and want to know the authenticity of the message?

In this post we provide you with exclusive reviews on Mp3dk Scam. Mp3dk scam..

about was previously registered as a site hosting illegal tracks from Asia. But, the domain registration expired, and the URL was registered/allotted to CizgiTelecomunikasyonAnonimSirketi recently on 19th-December-2022.’s IP addresses is located in Istanbul in Turkey.

Many users from Denmark received an email stating that their Mp3DK subscription will be renewed automatically for Kr.150/week. The text contained an option to cancel the subscription, by clicking Mp3DK .com/e6DdVWK. So that it appears that the email is an enticement and rip-off. was first accessed by Asia in 2012, and was it was shared through the Mp3SongsDK Pages on Facebook. is a site selling men’s clothes. It is unclear whether MP3dk SMS (or) has been connected to

Four users left reviews on TrustPilot that claimed the message was an untruth. At present, is not directly accessible.

The Mp3DK link .com/e6DdVWK which is referenced in the scam message opens the page with 404 errors and indicates that the page is not there (or) has been deleted.

The credibility of is a 7-day-old website. The country where it registered its registration is unknown. But, its IP point at,, and which are hosted on It is currently registered with an SSL certificate that will last for 364 days. being used to investigate the Mp3dk scam. has a shorter life span because its registration will expire in 11 months and 23 days from 19th December, 2020.

Mp3DK has been able to score 42% phishingrate, 30 percent malware, 9 percent suspicion and 52% risk as well as spam score. It is evident that due to the excessive spam scores, people receive unwanted text messages. Mp3DK received a shambling zero Alexa rank and a low traffic count.

While Mp3DK isn’t blacklisted and is utilizing a secure HTTPS protocol, the site has earned an unfavorable 11% trust score as well as an unfavorable business ranking. It is evident that, because of a zero ranking for business this website is at a the highest risk of exposing payment transactions as well as the data of its users who pay as well as a slew of other issues. whether mp3dk.Com legit?.

Conclusion: received a low level of trust and a poor DA, business, Alexa ranking and 1/5 stars from four reviews by users. Additionally, it is an extremely risky website because of its general threat profile. Mp3DK emails make you feel rushed through the use of a subscription fee of Kr.150 to be deducted automatically. This is a sign of the scammer’s plan to get users’ PII and payment information. Scammers could use it to carry out payments fraud (or) make it available for sale on the internet to make cash.

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