The guide provides information on Nicole Shanahan Image net worth, as well as parents’ updates to the readers.

Are you curious about why Nicole Shanahan (ex-wife to Sergey Brin), is so prominent these days? Sources say that Tesla CEO Stephen Tesla had an affair with Nicole Shanahan in December 2013. Sergey Brin, Nicole Shanahan were the ones who got divorced.

Many people searched the United States for more information on Nicole Shanahan, after the news spread. They want to know more about Nicole Shanahan, her parents and net worth.

Nicole Shanahan and Her Images

Nicole Shanahan, an attorney and entrepreneur from California, is Nicole Shanahan. She is 33. ClearAccessIP, which was launched in 2013, is her mother company. Bia-Echo Foundation was also established by her. This foundation focuses on reproductive equality as well as longevity.

She is also an academic Fellow of CodeX at Stanford Center in Legal Informatics. Now, however, she is the focus of the media because of her divorce with Sergey Brin Google Co-Founder. This resulted in her affair to Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and the richest man in the world.

About Her Parents

Nicole Shanahan, an attorney and businesswoman of international stature, was married for many years to Sergey Brin. After news broke about her affair, she divorced. She was born in California, United States.

She was born to a Chinese immigrant mom and an American dad. According to her sources, her father, a businessman, is her mother, a housewife. Her FB page contains photos of her relatives. It isn’t known what Nicole Shanahan, Parents is named as because she kept it secret.

Nicole Shanahan Net Worth

Sources indicate that she was a successful lady living a luxurious lifestyle. ClearAcessIP, which she founded, is also her consulting role at Logan Law Firm.

Her job pays her well. Her net worth has not been disclosed and we are not aware of her income sources. Sources say that Nicole Shanahan net worth 2022 approximately amounts to between 5-6 USD. You should consider it an estimate, and not a confirmation of Nicole Shanahan’s networth.

Why Nicole Shanahan Is Trending?

Nicole Shanahan is an entrepreneur whose name is on the rise because of online news. According sources, she had an affair (or affairs) with Elon Tesla CEO and world’s richest man, Elon Musk. They had an affair in December 2013, which was why she had bad times and a difficult time with Sergey Brin (her husband, and Google co-founder), last year.


Hopefully, it is clear why people are searching for Nicole Shanahan Chinesebusinesswoman. Her name is hot according to sources. People are interested in learning more about her and her personal life. People are also looking online for information on her net worth, photos, and past lives. After learning about her affair, she got divorced.

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