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Are you familiar with the Oblivion? It is a steel rollercoaster located at Alton Towers, Staffordshire, England. Do you want to know more? Read this entire article until the end.

Recently, Alton Towers was in the news because visitors to Alton Towers were made to scale the Oblivion. This information is trending in the United Kingdom and Ireland as well as the United States. This article will provide details on the Oblivion Ride Alton Towers.

Alton Towers Roller Coaster: Terrifying scenes

The Oblivion was 65ft high at 40 degrees. This was an unlucky ride for many. This has never been done before in the United Kingdom’s history. The Oblivion landed the people at 180ft and led them into an underground tunnel.

One group of riders became stuck at 65ft in the air. Because the ride was stuck at a 180ft drop, it was necessary for people to get down. It was also discovered that the weather was not favorable.

Information on Oblivion Ride Alton Towers

When the Oblivion Kickstarter was launched, the entire area got a new theme. It was the first vertical drop roller coaster in the world and was launched in 1998. There was a huge publicity campaign. Alton Towers is home to one of the most spectacular roller coasters. As the news broke, people were left in an extremely difficult situation on the oblivion ride.

The ride into oblivion lasts about 25 seconds. Although the ride is spectacular, one must be prepared to plunge down 180ft vertically. The roller coaster travels at 110 km/hr. It’s an amazing ride. Oblivion Ride Alton Towers is not only a drop ride, but also a rollercoaster.

It is one the most amazing attractions at Alton Towers. Oblivion is a Bolliger and Mabillard Dive Machine rollercoaster. Alton Towers riders had an amazing experience. The people who had been looking forward to seeing the place were also disappointed.

What is the trend in news?

Alton Towers was home to the first vertical roller coaster. As the riders were climbing down, park visitors snapped pictures. Within minutes, the photos were tweeted. Oblivion Ride Alton Towers’ most well-known roller coaster, the Oblivion, invites you to confront your fears.

It’s the third-fastest roller coaster, behind Stealth at Thorpe Park or the huge one at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Twitter captured the photos with a man wearing safety gear and giving water to passengers aboard in these temperatures.


Alton Towers is home to one of the most talked about roller coasters anywhere in the world. It’s something that many people have always longed for. As the roller coaster became stuck in its middle, the riders had to climb down. Oblivion Ride Alton Towers has become a hot topic.

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