This review article about Odadike Reviews shares details on the credibility of the site and provides information about the products it offers. Are you in the market to purchase stylish clothes and accessories on the internet? Are you looking for a website that has the most recent fashion clothes? If so, this website is the one to investigate. The website sells diverse kinds of clothing and accessories. The site was created by the United States.

In this post on Odadike Reviews, we will discuss every detail of the website as well as the diverse products it sells as well as further details on its value. Read the blog here.

What exactly is

It’s a great shopping site. The website sells the latest and trendy clothes and accessories that are suitable for females and males like Sunglasses, T-shirts, Pants and Gym equipment, etc. The site is very versatile and features a vast assortment of sunglasses. Their quality merchandise is outstanding. However, as it sells its entire range on the internet, buyers want to know is Odadike Legit before confirming any purchase on this site.

Specificating certain aspects:

  • The URL of the page:
  • The date of birth for the website is 04/05/2022.
  • The Webpage has been wiped off: 04/05/2023.
  • Support on Email:
  • Web portal address URL: The address of the web portal is 122 Fremont Street, West Chicago, IL 60185, USA is the web portal address.
  • Number to contact 3213433154 is their number to contact.
  • Name of the owner: No information regarding its owner are provided on its web page.
  • The time for delivery The typical delivery time is approximately 4-6 days to deliver the item.
  • Free delivery service It provides free shipping on all of its products.
  • Standard Shipping Delivery: According to Odadike Reviews there isn’t any information on the standard shipping.
  • Account on social media: There is no social site logo is visible on the website of the social media company.
  • Time for return: It gives an opportunity to return your items within 30 days.
  • Payment gateway: Visa, Master Card, PayPal etc.


  • It has also provided the address of its office, that is mandatory.
  • It has also provided its telephone number for customer support.
  • It offers a variety of payment gateways to ensure customer comfort.
  • It provides the delivery of its products for free.

Disadvantages of

  • It does not display any social media logos on its site.
  • It has not provided any information regarding the person who owns it.

Is Odadike authentic or is it a fake site?

While the site appears authentic, the customers should read all the details about its products. Then, the points listed can help determine the authenticity of the site:

  • The date of its initial appearance on the websiteis: Web portal was launched on the 04th of May, 2022.
  • Information about the number to call to access the web site is 3213433154.
  • Facebook and Twitter: There is no logo for a social media site is displayed on its website.
  • Index of Trust: The web site has a poor trust score of only 22 percent.
  • Rate of duplicate content The website has zero duplicate content.
  • The location of the company is The following address: Odadike Reviews, 122 Fremont Street, West Chicago, IL 60185, USA, is its address on the portal’s website.
  • Policies: The website has separate pages dedicated to its policies.
  • Discount services: There aren’t any details on the discount rate.
  • Alexa rank Alexa rank Alexa ranking of this site is 2271090.
  • Timing to Receive Refunds: refund is paid to the purchaser’s actual method of payment.
  • Information regarding non-refunds: Perishable products such as personal care, customized and custom items aren’t refundable.
  • Service of cancellation of order Orders can be cancelled prior to delivery.
  • Information on Exchange products The exchange is available on each item.

Odadike Reviews:

There aren’t any customer reviews or feedback about its product. Additionally the Alexa website’s ranking for the portal is 2271090. In addition the website has no social-media logo on its website. Also, there aren’t any customer reviews of its products on social media sites. Additionally, we haven’t seen any reviews of this site on trustworthy platforms, and we haven’t found any other reviews, either.


The website has a lot of experience with selling online. However, buyers are not trusting this site due to the absence of Odadike Reviews. The site has a poor reputation for trust. The website doesn’t have any reviews from customers about its products as well as no social platforms logos on the website and there are some other details that are not present.


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