Did you realize that Double Stuffed Oreos were first launched in the United States of 1974? This popular cookie has been around for 48 years. Oreo claimed that their cookies contain twice (2X) the cream of regular Oreo cookies. This claim proved to be false. Two experiments have shown that Oreo Double Chocolate Cookies Stuffed contain only 1.86X to 1.9X more cream compared to regular cookies.

About Double Stuffed Oreos:

Double Stuffed Oreos were launched to be a snack you can take to school (or) to work. You can also enjoy it at home. Double Stuffed Oreos taste great when you add milk to it. It also has twice as much cream which adds sweetness and the cookies have chocolate flavor. Double Stuffed Oreo is considered to be more edible.

Double Stuffed Oreo can be found in both the US and international markets as a genuine product. Double Stuffed Oreos are available on several online stores, such as Amazon and Walmart. Double Stuffed Oreos has a powerful presence on Facebook with more than 4,2027,596 users.

Double Stuffed Oreo is rated highly by YouTubers and other websites. Double Stuffed Oreo has been rated by 31% of the Facebook users at 4/5 Stars. Double Stuffed Oreo’s reviews on shopping sites have been positive and are above 4.5/5 stars.

Mondelez Internationa holds the Oreo company. Mondelez Internationa created Oreo through a series of acquisitions and mergers. Oreo has been in existence for many years.

Double Stuffed Oreos can be purchased in different sizes to suit individual consumption or as a large quantity of 1 pound.

Double Stuffed Oreo Package contains:

Artificial flavor, baking sugar, calciumphosphate, chocolate, cocoa processing with alkali.

A teacher wanted 2X the cream in Double Stuffed Oreo cookies. The teacher discovered that double stuffed Oreos contain approximately 1.86X less cream than Oreo cream cookies. However, 0.14X of the cream was left.

A YouTube user did another experiment. First, the total cookies were weighed. Next, each Oreo Double Cookies stuffed with cream was weighed. The Double Stuffed Oreo used 1.91X as much cream as the original cookies.


Oreo has been in America for more than 48 year and is a well-known product. Oreo Thin is another variant. Original Oreo and Mega 3X stuffed Oreos are also available. Oreos have been around since more than 110years. Many people enjoy Oreos’ taste and they have received high product ratings.


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