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The phrase “terrible twos” has long been used to describe the changes that parents frequently notice in their two-year-old children. Because of the rapid changes in a child’s mood and behaviours — and the difficulty in dealing with them — a parent may regard this age as terrible. Talking about the other stages in a toddler’s time, there is so much to keep up with when your baby becomes a toddler. They become more active, social, and capable of communicating their wants and needs. It’s an exciting time as your child’s personality develops. It’s a critical period of learning for both your child and you.

While parenting through Toddler years can be challenging, there are certain tips & tricks that can help you get through in the most seamless ways. Read this blog to the end to know these tips & tricks:

Help Your Child in Learning New Words:

Encourage your toddler to explore and try new things to help him or her learn new words. Set aside a regular time to read books with your child. This must be a part of your day that you dedicate to your child’s growth journey. It must serve as your quality time together. 

Play matching games and simple puzzles, such as shape sorting. Explain your toddler how things work in simple terms and how one term could be used in place of the other term. Encourage pretend play with your child by having a pretend parade or following the leader. This will help them train themselves for a bigger social instance that will occur in the future with them. Talk with your child and add to the words they use to help them learn language. Make the learning process fun by creating cartoon-like sounds, mimicking somebody, or even singing the words rather than just pronouncing them. This will help your little ones learn more enthusiastically. 

Encourage Them to Explore:

When an individual takes the stands and goes on to explore, it builds up their confidence. Thus, you must encourage your child’s curiosity and ability to recognise common objects outside of the home. This could be done by going on walks together or taking a bus ride and pointing out what you see along the way. Encourage your child’s sense of independence by allowing them to help themselves get dressed or feed themselves. You should reward positive behaviours more than you should punish negative ones. Criticize the behaviour rather than the child. Make changes in the words you select to describe your child. 

Help Your Child Express Themselves

Teach your child basic songs such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and other nursery rhymes. This will help them be vocal and hence, in the longer run, they’ll be able to voice out what they feel inside as well. Allow your toddler to make choices, such as which game to play or which book to read. Limit your choices to two or three, as this allows them to feel in control without becoming frustrated.

Limit your attention to tantrums and misbehaviour. Teach your child better ways to express their feelings when they are upset. Allow your toddler to work through problems before helping. Then only provide the assistance required to remain safe and continue working things out. To avoid becoming frustrated, make sure your expectations are appropriate for your child’s age. 

Being playful with them will help 

Transform day-to-day activities into playful learning moments. Use everyday activities, such as dinner time, to teach children about colours, textures, and tastes. Discuss sink and float, as well as wet and dry, during bath time. This will not only keep their knowledge bank updated but also keep them eager in knowing what all they could grab. 

Observe, learn, and help them follow their heart 

While your kid is doing something, observe their activities well. Encourage them to pursue their passions. Children are more likely to learn when they are engaged in activities that excite and interest them. Your task is just to keep noting what they liked doing and what not. Take note of the activities that your child enjoys the most.

Even if they are attracted towards a type of colour more, such as they pick that colour’s objects more when they are given a choice that means it’s their favourite colour. They will want to be gifted things of that colour more. So, allow them to follow their heart and let them have a say in opting for what they like and go for it. Also, learn from them because they have a lot to teach you. 

Therefore, follow the tips & tricks above to provide a great parenting to your toddler. It not only helps you simplify the process with them but also helps both of you create some brilliant memories together. So, a very happy parenting!


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