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Who is Pavel Antonov,?

Pavel Antonov is a prominent meat producer, known as the Russian sausage tycoon. Russian media reports that Pavel established the Vladimir Standard, a Russian meat firm.

He is not only a meat industrialist. Let’s find the answer.

About Pavel Antonov – Wiki and Web Worth

Full NamePavel Antonov
Date of birthDecember 22
Profession-Industrialist and businessman
Net worth-$1.3 Million
Education-Not Mentioned

Unfortunately, we have limited information regarding Antonov’s private and professional life. There are many details that need to be revealed, but we will update the article once we have this information.

Is Pavel Antonov dead?

Yes, indeed, the Indian businessman was found dead during a vacation. The businessman fell out of the window while on vacation to celebrate 66 years old. The Sausagetycoon was also an active member of the Vladimir Region Legislative Assembly.

He was also the chair of the Vladimir regional legislative assembly on various committees, including agriculture policy, environment management and ecology.

How was the incident caused?

The incident took place in Rayagada, Odisha. He was there to celebrate his birthday. Pavel jumped from the 3rd-floor window, however. The body of Pavel was discovered December 25, 2022.

It’s the same hotel where two Russian lawmakers were found dead. This raises many questions about whether these deaths are suicides or murders of these lawmakers.

Is Pavel Antonov married?

It is impossible to say if the person is married as there isn’t any evidence on the internet that suggests so. The name of the spouse and children, even if they are married, is not listed anywhere.

What were the other two victims of this crime?

Two other people died in that same hotel shortly before Pavel Antonov. Vladimir Budanov was the one who died of a Heart attack. Surprisingly all three members of the family died in the exact same hotel. Indian police are currently trying to discover the connection.

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Final words

As the incident occurred recently it is still under investigation. Vladimir Putin and his family expressed their sorrow over the loss of one the most powerful people in Russia. Everyone hopes the case will be resolved quickly.

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