The article examines Fraud and provides additional details on the scam.

Internet is a site which is extremely useful in finding information on almost all kinds of things? However it is also a magnet for hackers and scammers to trick users into sharing personal information like financial information in order to drain their accounts.

There are a lot of scams that are available on the internet particularly those in South Africa, with the title Paythat Scam. It is, however, an online payment fraud that makes people believe that they can share the data. In this article, we’ll provide more information about Scam as well as additional information.

What is Paythat?

Paythat is an application on the internet that lets users get information on the fines that are imposed on vehicles in the city of Cape Town within South Africa. Users can find fines by using the Traffic Infringement Number , or ID number.

But, scams are being reported on the internet , where people have posted details of receiving notifications about impending fines , and an address. The messages are posted under an alias of asking for payment by clicking the link.

Additionally, it’s also a Scam, and there isn’t a message that the platform has shared to its users. In the wake of this we will provide more details about the scam and the application in the following sections.

A Gist About

  • The City of Cape Town recently updated its traffic laws in conjunction with the statements on pay-by-law violations.
  • This is due to the fact that the current contract was terminated with other services provided by third parties.
  • In this case, by using QR codes Three channels are included in the pay line comprising Masterpass, Snapscan and Zapper.
  • In addition, users can make payments through the link
  • The payments are made via payment points at various locations. Scam – How do you safeguard yourself from scams?

According to reports According to sources, the new payment channels, including,, and are not available. These channels will cease to be available beginning on the 1st of July in 2022. Although these payment options may appear in the course of the process and in traffic alerts however, it is not advised to use them in the same way.

Additionally, there is no official announcement that is distributed by sending messages to users soliciting them to pay. The scam that was recently exposed includes an online form that asks the user to pay for fees through the link. However, the users are required to be on guard and avoid sharing personal financial information with Scam. In addition, only visit the official site to confirm the amount of fines by using the ID Number and Traffic Infringement Number to make payments.

Final Conclusion

In addition to the information above users can also look through the FAQs on the website to have numerous questions addressed. It is important to note that all information comes from internet sources and we do not make any claims to it.

If you want to know more about scams, and the procedure of paying through the site that is associated with Scam by going through the article.

Did youalso get any messages that was a reference to Share your experiences and comments in the comment section.


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