A spokesperson stated that Ramaphosa will not manage the nation tonight, and that he is not panicking. Surprise action by the Presidency: President Cyril Ramaphosa has declared that he will not manage the nation tonight. This was in response to mounting calls for his resignation following Wednesday’s out-of the-Phala Phala notice from an independent panel.

What happened at Phala Phala Farm

After an independent panel found that Cyril Ramaphosa may have broken anti-corruption laws during an investigation into a farm robbery, the South African president could be subject to impeachment. Ramaphosa is accused of stealing $4 million from his Phala Phala farm, in the northeastern part of the country, in what has become known as “Farmgate”. This amount, which was $580,000, was found under sofa cushions. The allegations include working with Namibian authorities in order to torture and apprehend the suspects. Ramaphosa delayed his planned Thursday parliamentary visit to take into account the findings of the panel. Vincent Magwenya, his spokesperson, also pulled out of a scheduled media briefing.

What is the Phala Phala Scam?

  • Fraser claims that criminals entered Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala wildlife park in South Africa’s Limpopo area on February 9, 2020. They discovered large amounts of dollars hidden in various pieces of furniture.
  • Fraser claimed Ramaphosa’s housekeeper (whose uniqueness is being preserved) found the stash. She also messaged her brother who knew of a gang that could rob the bank.
  • Four Namibian citizens were among the gang, along with two South Africans. They gained entry to the beliefs by cutting the wire perimeter around the farmhouse and then entering through a window. Fraser claims that the break-in was captured on CCTV footage. He tied a video showing what appears to be two men walking to a window, one on his knees, with two others waiting at the door.
  • According to a report, the president stated that he was away at the time and had reported the incident to his presidential protection police unit. After his recovery, he asked Major General Wally Rhode to review the incident.
  • Rhoode is alleged to have created a team consisting of retired police officers who helped members of crime intelligence unit. They rescued some of the loot from the housekeeper as well as some of her co-conspirators following interrogation. The housekeeper later paid the alleged perpetrators.
  • Their silence was fined almost $10,000 The housekeeper was allegedly reinstated, but she was transferred to another job on the farm.

What can we learn about the Phala Phala farm

  • It is located in Limpopo’s northernmost region, Bela-Bela. It transits 4,500 hectares (11 120 acres) according to its website.
  • It has been in service since 2010.
  • Ramaphosa had his last mandate to buy business stakes in 2017. Phala Phala wasn’t explicitly mentioned.
  • This is Phala Phala’s second argument. Ramaphosa was charged by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in November 2020 with having ties to South Africa’s trophy-hunting business.
  • PETA claimed to have undercover investigated and received corroboring statements from farm workers. It stated that wild animals are killed to win awards. “Footage reveals that Ramaphosa is quietly developing and growing a trophy hunting collection called Diepdrift – he also stocks it with animals from Phala Phala’s wildlife breeding cycle – and that he owns a 50% stake at Tsala Hunting Safaris.”
  • Ramaphosa quickly rejected any stake in the Tsala Hunting Safaris or the award hunting industry. “Phala Phala’s wildlife breeding/control activities comply with the best moral and legal practice in this sector,” he stated.


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