This article on Pidge Wordle will provide information about today’s wordle. Continue reading to find the right solution.

Are you a wordle player? Do you want to find the answer to today’s wordle? Wordle is an online puzzle where players must guess the answers using provided clues. Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, a Welsh Software Engineer. Wordle is a popular trend in Australia due to its latest wordle. It was confusing for players to guess.

Confusing Wordle

Wordle offers its users a daily challenge to find the word using a set of hints. On 23 July 2022, wordle posted a puzzle that was very confusing to the players. Customers began to look for the solution to today’s wordle because of this confusion. Although many people came up with different guesses, the most popular guess was that the Pidge was the solution to the 23rd July puzzle.

Many people want to know if Pidge is a word after correctly guessing the answer. The answer to that question is yes. Yes, Pidge can be referred to as a word. However, our research revealed that Pidge was not the right answer for today’s wordle.

Answer today’s wordle

These are the three tips that were revealed in the 23rd July wordle:

  • Two vowels are present in the word at the second and fifth positions.
  • D is the third letter in a five-letter word.
  • This term is used to describe insects.

Many people correctly guessed Pidge after looking at the clues. It turns out that this is false because the definition of Pidge shows that it refers to a person who is an attendant. What is today’s wordle answer? Let’s see today’s wordle to find out the answer. The word that met the criteria for the hints was MIDGE. Both Pidge, and Midge, consist of vowels in the second and fifth positions, as well as the middle letter, which is the third letter of a word. People were therefore confused by today’s answer. For the third hint, Midge is the only one who stands. “MIDGE” is the answer to the wordle.

Pidge Wordle

Wordle is one the most popular games in recent times. Wordle allows players to activate their thinking abilities through the tricky questions. One of these questions was posted on July 23, 2022. Many players were fooled by the clues and chose Pidge as the answer.


This post discusses the recent confusion in wordle. We also gave the solution to today’s wordle. We also discussed why Pidge isn’t the answer to today’s wordle. Did you find this post on Pidge Wordle useful? Let us know if you found it helpful below.


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