Let’s talk about Plecer. Read our Plecer review below to find out the truth. You will be able to see if Plecer.com is a fraud or a reliable company.

Further details about Plecer are provided below.

Brand Misuse

It has used the Amazon branding logo as its logo and website name. However, it is not associated to Amazon. It has therefore misused the Amazon trademark.

NOTE: It has currently misappropriated the brand name Amazon. However, it could misuse another branding brand or modify its website details in the future. Many scam sites of the same nature are being used.

Social Media Presence

The social media icon for the business’s page on social media is not available. Most online stores offer social media icons to be linked to their profiles, pages, and social media groups. You might not find it on social media.

Copied content

Many details are provided on the site, including a theme that matches multiple scam sites.

Sale and Discount Offers

It is selling bulk products such as “Amazon Customer Returns Pallets Online Large Electronics Packaging Box”, which have similar product details to many scam websites.

It has listed many products in bulk, including Amazon Customer Returns Pallets Online Large Electronics Packaging Box. Scam sites often offer such sales in order to lure people into their scam.

Customer complaints and delivery

Many online stores offer similar products and have customer complaints about the quality of their delivery time and product quality.


Plecer is an online fraud store as shown above.

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