Poland Missile Reddit: Where Did The Missile Strike? Read To Know More

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After a Russian missile strike in Poland, NATO announced that a meeting would be held in Bali, Indonesia. Two people were reported to have been killed in the strike.

Are you able to explain the entire incident? Do you wonder if Russia will abandon the missile? What is the outcome of this meeting? Are you aware of people Worldwide who are discussing it? Continue reading this article on Poland Missile Reddit until the end.

What’s the missile strike all around?

Yesterday, a missile attack in eastern Poland resulted in the death of two people and spread fear throughout a village in Poland. This sudden NATO strike has prompted the organization of a meeting.

According to the Polish government the missile hit Przewodow. Andrzej Duba further stated that it was not known if Russia had fired the missile but it appears to have been made in Russia so it cannot be confirmed.

The ministry first stated that the missile was Russian-made and demanded an explanation. We have taken all information from the news, whose link is found below in the social media link section.

Missile Attack What transpired at the meeting?

At the G20 summit, which is currently taking place in Bali in Indonesia, a meeting was announced. Joe Biden, President of the United States, hosted the meeting. The meeting was attended by all members of NATO, including Germany, Canada and Japan as well as France, Spain, Spain, France, Netherlands and Spain.

NATO includes all countries, except Japan. Biden stated that an investigation is ongoing into the blast and the deaths of two allies. Link will be provided in the article Tweet. Although the information has not been collected, the meeting is ongoing. However, it is being claimed that the missile was not fired by Russia, but rather appeared to have been made in Russia. We didn’t claim all information was correct, as we took it from news. You can see the link in the social media links section.

Biden stated that it was wrong to conclude Russia too early and that it will be cleared by the investigation.


After a missile struck a village in Poland, two people were killed and NATO members announced their meeting in Bali. 

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