In this article, we’ll examine the Pushtimize, look at the features of the site, and then determine its credibility.

Are you seeking to boost the number of visitors to your site? Are you looking to increase your earnings by utilizing push notifications?

One of the platforms for pop-up ads that display messages that operates in Vietnam in addition to Indonesia includes called Pushtimize. For different phases of the site announcements can be displayed in public pop-up windows. It is possible to alter the promotional settings at any time when making use of pushtimize to participate in making cash. Check out the following information to find out more about the site and the services it offers.

about Pushtimize Nguyenvanbao

With a group comprised of Vietnamese or pioneers Pushtimize has become one of the most well-known public companies in Vietnam. It has the most skilled public assistance and distributors in Vietnamese. You can make use of Push Notifications in one place to personalize your traffic. Choose the most appropriate adaptive model that is simple to configure and track by using general measures like revenue share or price per sub.

Does the Pushtimize genuine?

Facebook along with Skype are two social media websites on which this website is in operation. We will investigate the validity of this website.

  • Registrar NAMECHEAP INC
  • Registration for a website It was registered on the 03rd of April, 2019. It’s been over 2 years now since the site was registered.
  • Trust Index: According to a well-known website that has an average score of 76%. This indicates it could be a reliable site.
  • Incomplete information It has given nearly all the necessary information, including the names of team members and addresses as well as email as well as payment options.
  • Data Security: The Https protocol has been detected and appears to be secure for sharing of data.

“Pushtimize” appears to be an uncomplicated website that is that is based on the above information.

Specifications from Pushtimize Nguyenvanbao

The website provides 100 percent Vietnamese assistance in the event that you encounter any difficulties. They offer weekly payments every Friday. Although the ads’ forms are not a lot of variety but it does recognize and supports many of the themes of the site. In addition, since there needs to be a copy on the header and the bottom of the page, pasting advertisements or labels can be a bit challenging.

You’ll get advertisements and promotional graphics when you sign up with pushtimize The first is a pop-up notice or notification that displays directly on your site. One of the unique features of Pushtimize is the option to choose between a one-time payment and lifetime revenue sharing. Pushtimize will pay up to 3% of the lifetime commission. If you refer someone to Pushtimize your network, you will receive an amount of 3% in referral fees.

When your website receives traffic for just a few seconds The Pushtimize insight is immediately and continuously refreshed, showing views as well as the amount you could buy. In addition, real-time metrics are accessible in Pushtimize.

reviews by Pushtimize Nguyenvanbao

We couldn’t discover any testimonials on either the site or any other review sites. However, Pushtimize Nguyenvanbao has shared some of its advertisers and publishers partners.


The Pushtimize is a great advertising agency if you wish to make use of in-page push advertisements together with AdSense ads completely. In this post we will discuss their features and services in depth.


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