The article below will give you details about the R9x Missile Wiki and the recent use of it to take out militants from Afghanistan.

Have you heard of the Hellfire Missile? Why should people learn about this Missile? Hellfire missile, also known as R9x It is an AMG missile designed to destroy the armor of anti-armour vehicles and heavily loaded targets.

Recently, information about R9x Missile was revealed. R9x Missile spread on the internet, and many people from India, the United States, and the United Kingdom and India eagerly are eager to understand the motive of this Missile. This article to learn the vital details on the R9x Missile Wiki.

R9x Missile Information

R9x (also known as AGM- 114 hellfire is an extremely powerful missile that is able to be targeted from ground to air and destroy all armored vehicles, such as ships, tanks, etc. This weapon is intended for military use to strike areas of enemy territory or terror-related lands.

The latest variant of this Missile, Hellfire 2, was launched in 1990. that was used recently for the purpose of killing Ayman al Zawahiri. He is famous for his horrific terrorist attacks. It is equipped with an inbuilt radar that can detect the location and secures it before launching. The missiles weigh about 100 pounds.

Hellfire Missile r9x Wiki

People are looking for helpful details on Wikipedia about the Missile R9X (Hellfire) to understand the harm it could cause to terrorist-controlled lands and vehicles , and also what it does to aid to accomplish the task that includes killing one most powerful terrorist leaders Queda Ayma Al Zawahiri as well as his terrorist views, as well as their vehicles armed.

On July 31, the US government struck the terrorist areas in Al Zawahiri in Afghanistan. The attack was the most significant accomplishment in the aftermath of the terror attacks in the past couple of years. In the 11 terrorist attacks Al Zawahiri was part of nine.

More detailed details regarding the R9x Missile Wiki

The R9x missile can be described as an AGM missile that is also known as Hellfire. The Missile is able to be fired from any aircraft which can sense the target using the laser of the Missile and then lock the target prior to firing it.

It is the Ah- 64 Apache helicopter is used extensively to transport this massive Missile to eliminate armoured vehicles and tanks. Following the US military took over the region that was al Zawahiri in Afghanistan, people were thrilled to figure out the right information regarding the Missile and how it functions and operates. Hellfire Missile r9x Wiki can assist you in providing all the details you require. Furthermore, there are multiple variants of the Missile are offered by various military forces.


On the 31st July of 2022, the US military deployed R9x (114 Hellfire) Missile R9x (114 Hellfire) Missile to take out the army from the terrorist Al Zawahiri in Afghanistan. A lot of people want be aware of the harm it does to terrorized areas and the details of its use.

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