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Rai Fernandez was featured in the popular video for grown-ups of Sekawan girls that has caught the attention of the public around the world. Are you familiar with whom Rai is? What is the viral video about? What is her profile in social networks? What caused the video to become viral? What is the reason why Rai receiving more attention than other girls in the video?

This article will will give you all the information about the in-depth information about the Rai Fernandez Viral Video.

Rai Fernandez Viral Video

about the video viral of Rai Fernandez:

Two viral videos featuring empat girls were made available on social media on the 4th January 2023. The first video of sekawan girls appeared in Youtube, Reddit, Twitter and TikTok. The video received thousands of views, but the entire video was unavailable. A number of TikTok and Reddit sites hosting the entire video were shut down.

Rai became famous overnight on TikTok with more than 35,304,415 views and 2,03,514+ followers. This was due to the fact that at first, for the past two days, the four girls featured in the TikTokPinay viral video weren’t identified. But, Rai was one of the most beautiful faces of the clip. Following the virality of the video the internet was able to recognize her from the video, and a new Reddit page was set up just three days earlier.

The most recent Reddit brings the exclusive video from part one of women who have empats that show the entire 00:03:21-second video. The brand new Reddit posting was liked by 98% of users by 188 people and also included 18 comments. At first, the entire video of the sekawan girls wasn’t available online. However, a handful of TikTok or YouTube users who had imported the video offered the video to viewers in exchange for signing up to their channel and clicking on the Like button.

Rai was the subject of 2 viral clips that were leaked through TWITTER showing four women raising their t-shirts and showing the body parts of theirs. The latest video that is available posted on Reddit offers a self-explanation of why this video became viral. In the video in part one four girls played each otherand displayed their bodies to each others and then posed for pictures.

All four girls featured in the two videos wore different outfits. They had a variety of colours of shorts, skirts, Asymmetrical Bardot as well as T-shirts. Instagram did not have any posts that were related to the Pinay popular video. The second segment of the viral video featured the girls and Rai in black masks. The origins of the girls and Rai isn’t known. However, several internet sources suggested their ethnicity was the Phiny (or) Indonesian.


Rai’s profiles are currently on TikTok as well as unconfirmed her presence on Telegram. Her profile showcased videos of her dancing. Rai was praised for her beautiful appearance on TikTok and then promptly thanked her followers. Rai is a fan of more than 120K followers. The most recent Reddit group features Rai’s own exclusive video. But, her profile didn’t include any information about her professional or personal life.

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