Reyesmagosiberia Com post has been written about the king calling service and the application process via the Reyesmagosiberia website.

Do you want your child talk to the three princes of Iberia? Are they up to their majesty? Iberia Company has relaunched its three kings of Iberia initiative for Christmas kids , where children will be able to receive a video message from three princes.

The wise men’s campaign on the website of Reyesmagosiberia was a hit with Spain children in the year 2020. Now, they are planning to recreate it for 2022-23. Reyesmagosiberia’s review has been written about the Iberia video call campaign as well as its method of operation.

Reyesmagos Iberia Website:

Iberia is an Spanish Airline company that operates international flights out of its headquarters in Madrid. Reyesmagos website is an under-domain of Iberia and its child calling service launched in 2020 in the course of the covid-19 epidemic. The king-calling service became an instant success with 1.6 million phone calls recorded within the first three days following its the launch.

The site’s activity peaked on 5 January. January, with about .5 million users submitting applications to be eligible for the king call.

What is Reyesmagos Iberia Com King Calling Service?

The King calling service available on this website lets children engage through three wise men, Melchor, Baltasar, and Gaspar. These three wisemen make calls to children during the phone and inquire questions about their daily activities during the course of the year.

They will greet them by their name and tell them to follow their New Year’s resolutions. Melchor Gaspar and Gaspar will also discuss the gifts that children can are expecting from their parents.

The service could be operational between the 5 5 or 6 of January.of January night , since the king is expected to distribute gifts on this day. Reyesmagos Iberia Com king’s calling service provides a wonderful experience for children, one that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

How do I apply for the King call service via the Iberia site?

Anyone who is interested in acquiring the king-calling services for their children should take the steps listed below.

  • Go to the website
  • Users can access the site via their laptop, mobile or tablet.
  • You will find an application form which asks for various details.
  • Enter the child’s name. child’s name.
  • Select who that would like to communicate the messages.
  • Select a sport from the variety of choices that are available.
  • Select the wish of the King from the option.
  • Click the Start button.

Reyesmagosiberia Com , Social Media Reactions:

Iberia posted an image featuring three royals via its Twitter account and some parents have responded to the tweet. The king seems to be speaking to children in a promotional video of 15 seconds. We haven’t found any mention of this site or its content on Reddit and Instagram.

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Last verdict

Reyesmagosiberia is an under-domain to the Iberia site and offers calling services to children during festive events. Parents are able to submit their application and invite the King to call their children on this site.

Do you wish to invite the three kings in your home with your kid? Do you have a suggestion.


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