Robert Kraft’s Net Worth 2022 : Explore the all Info Here

Popular business mogul, who has made a fortune but also gained fame and popularity over the years. Robert Kraft’s networth is almost as large as his entire career. As the chairman and chief executive officer of The Kraft Group, Kraft is a successful businessman. The business group has assets in all areas, from paper to real property.

He is the primary holder for The Kraft Group as well as the New England Patriots and the New England Revolution. Although it has been widely believed that Robert Kraft’s net worth is largely due to Kraft Foods’ grocery manufacturing, Robert Kraft actually has no connection with Kraft Foods.

Robert Kraft’s business empire has made his net worth a huge number. We will learn all about Kraft’s life in this article.

Robert Kraft’s Net Worth and More

Robert Kraft has a huge net worth. As of today, it stands at $7 billion. Robert Kraft’s net wealth is not only from his ventures and businesses, but also from the real estate investments that he made. In 2010, he sold his Cape Cod home to his son and received $3.8 million. His smart investments have preserved his wealth.

Robert Kraft Early life

Robert Kraft was born in Brookline, Massachusetts on June 5, 1941 to Sarah and Harry Kraft. Growing up in a working-class Modern Orthodox Jewish family, Kraft spent his early years. Brookline High School was where he graduated in 1959. He also served as the senior class president. He was elected class president at Columbia University after he graduated.

He was a member Zeta Beta Tau fraternity and played on school’s lightweight and freshman football teams. He graduated from Columbia in 1963 and enrolled at Harvard in 1965 to complete his MBA. Robert Kraft’s education was a major stepping stone to the enormous net worth that we now see. After graduating Harvard, he was elected chairman of the Newton Democratic City Committee. He was then considered for the Massachusetts 3rd congressional district seat in 170.

Robert Kraft Career

Robert Kraft may have a net worth that is impressive, but it all began with his passion for paper wealth. He began his professional career with the Randy-Whitney Group. This was the packaging company owned by Jacob Hiatt, the father-in-law. Robert Kraft led a leveraged buyout of the company and took over control in 1968. He is still the chairman of Rand-Whitney Group. He then founded International Forest Products, which traded physical paper commodities from 1972 to 1972.

They were one of the most prominent privately-held companies in the industry at the time. His other investments are also a major part of Robert Kraft’s enormous net worth. He made an investment in New England Television Corp, and he took over WNAC TV in 1982. He was elected to the board of directors the following year and, four years later, he was appointed president of the corporation. He sold his shares in 1991 for $25 million, and later bought several Boston radio stations. Kraft Group Paper was eventually formed. It currently has over $2 billion in sales from 90 countries.

Robert Kraft also has other interests that contribute to his net worth. Since 1971, Kraft has been a Patriots fan and a season ticket holder. He bought a piece of land near the old stadium in 1985. This was the first step towards building the New England Patriots stadium. He even bought the entire team.

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