Rod Wave Wife: Is Rod Wave married? Net Worth, Age, Height and More

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Who’s the Rod Wave?

Although she hasn’t yet made any public statements about her family or character online, it is believed she is the mother of Mocha Grenn (the twins of Rod Wave) and Kash (the mom). Kelsey Dee Coleman is his mother. The rapper Rod Wave’s Girlfriend, Kelsey Dee Coleman is Kelsey Dee Coleman.

Rodarius Marcell green, also known as Rod Wave is an American rapper who was born in St. Petersburg on August 27, 1999. According to sources, his father was convicted for robbery and sentenced to a six-year term in prison while he was still in elementary school. His father was a true legend in soul trap, R&B fusion, powerful voice and hip-hop. Height and More are explained. Rod Wave stands five feet seven inches tall.


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Wave’s 2019 song “Heart on Ice” has been a hit on TikTok, YouTube, and reached number 25 on Billboard Hot 100. This helped to propel them to stardom.

Wave’s debut album Ghetto Gospel peaked at number 10 in the United States Billboard 200. Wave’s debut album Ghetto Gospel reached number 10 on the US Billboard 200 a full year after it was released.


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