In this article we will provide the tragic news about Sarah Reagor, who was involved in a fatal car accident. Sarah Christian Reagor, of Leakey, Texas, has died in a devastating accident. Check out this article to find more details about Sarah Reagor.

Sarah Reagor Wiki

Sarah Reagor was born in Houston, Texas on October 26 in 1995. She was the daughter of Charlie Reagor and Anissa Reagor respectively. When her family moved back in Leakey, Texas, in 2006, Sarah spent her first 11 years in Houston. She was a student at Leakey ISD and Leakey High School and graduated with the title of valedictorian in May 2014. Sarah participated in many sports during her early years and won the All-State award during the basketball state championship in the final year of her senior. She was 27 at the time of her death.

What Happened To Sarah Reagor?

It was revealed it was Sarah Reagor was the victim who passed away directly as a result of the tragic car crash in Texas. Tragically, two cars collided during the crash. Two cars collided head-on with each other, leading to the accident. In direct consequence of the crash, Sarah suffered numerous injuries and all of them ultimately led in her passing. In the end, the injuries resulting resulted from the accident are the reason of Sarah’s demise.

Sarah Reagor Obituary

An online obituary details the tragic death of Sarah Reagor who was killed in a car crash that was tragically fatal.

People who were close to Sarah Reagor, which includes her family, friends and everyone else who cared for her, and who was affected by her death and loss, have felt sadness. While not all the information now available on the incident which occurred was made public, it is available currently available. We’re so saddened by the loss you have suffered and we mourn the loss with our families and friends. We don’t have enough words for how sad we are learning of the passing of Sarah Reagor.


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