Shanquella Robinson Fight Video: How Did He Died? Check Reason Here

This article provides information and details about the recent Shanquella Robinson Fight Video Incident.

Did you see the Shanquelle Robinson video? This video is very disturbing. Shannquella is shown being beaten by a friend. This video has already gone viral online. This video has been viewed by millions.

Shanquella traveled to Mexico on the 28th of October 2022. She died suddenly in one day. Police are now trying to determine if she died from the fight. The Shanquella Robinson Fight video was also examined by the investigation team.

See the fight that led to Shaquille’s death

Shaquille works as a businesswoman. She traveled to Cabo to spend her friend’s vacation and birthday. According to her friend, she died later from alcohol poisoning.

After an investigation, Shanquella’s parents told the FBI that their daughter had a cracked and broken neck. The video quickly went viral on social media, sparking many questions about Shanquella’s death.

Funeral, Autopsy, Obituary, and More

According to the latest update, Shanquella’s neck was fractured according to the second autopsy report. The autopsy confirmed that it was a violent suicide. The matter is being investigated by police. The funeral will be held at the weekend, however. Shanquella’s corpse was brought to Charlotte on Friday, 17 November 2022.

Wiki Shanquella

Shanquella Robinson was 25 years old. She is originally from Charlotte. Her mother’s maiden name is Salamondra Robinson, and her father’s is Bernard Robinson. Shanquella moved from Charlotte to Cabo in October 28th. Her friend brutally beat her up. She was later found dead in her hotel room.

Shanquella’s mother stated that she last spoke to Shanquella when she arrived in Cabo. Salamondra received a phone call within 24 hours from a friend informing her that Shanquella was ill and that they should meet with the doctor.

We did not find any information on her boyfriend, partner, or who she was with. She kept all information and private details about her life secret.

The Viral Video Viewed by the Parents

The viral video has been checked by the investigation authority. Robinson was attacked in her bedroom by an unknown person while she was still undressed. Shanquella was also being filmed.

The attacker continued to attack her head and punch her in her privates. Many others have also seen his video. Shanquella’s parents watched the video and complained that Shanquella’s daughter was murdered.

Who was Shanquella?

According to our research, Shanquella was self employed. She was the founder of “At Kid and Company”, her own business. The company provides child care, babycare and other services. service. According to the financial report, Shanquella is a well-established female.

We don’t know if she has any other ventures. She loves to travel and explore new places. According to a recent report, her Net Worth stands at around 700K USD. Shanquella was born 1997. She worked a few jobs after completing her high school education.

Later, however, she decided to start her own company. Shanquella started her own baby-care business and established a baby-care organization. We need to learn more about Shanquella’s personal life in order to understand her.


Many netizens started the Justice for Shanquella Robinson campaign via social media. You can search for the culprit. For more details, see the link .

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