The article will cover the most recent viral video from Skybar Foxtail Pittsburgh as well as the responses.

Are you aware what happened in that bar? A recent incident resulted the temporary closure of a Pittsburgh bar, United States. After a clip featuring bar patrons going viral, Skybar Foxtail Pittsburgh needed to close temporarily. This article will cover the details of the incident that led up to the shutdown.

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What Ever Happened At Skybar Club?

A video online showing indecent conduct at Foxtail, and Skybar itself, quickly went viral. The news spread that South Side’s popular nightlife was closed until further comment.

It also coincides in debates among neighbour activists and the government over neighbourhood safety. Skybar Pittsburgh Viral Video led them to rethink and eventually decide to close it down.

For over a year, residents and operators living near the famous nightlife attraction have worried about their safety.

Officials have condemned footage of a woman engaging sexually indecent behavior at bar events. The club was the victim of a massive backlash and they closed down for a time to assess their safety measures.

Keep reading to learn more about this club.

Skybar Foxtail Pittsburgh

Foxtail was established in 2018 and quickly became a fixture in Pittsburgh’s nightlife. Foxtail is the perfect spot for a casual dinner date or an overnight party.

What services are offered by Skybar Foxtail

The staff work hard to make your visit enjoyable and memorable. They offer VIP service, drinks, DJs, and a range of beverages.

How Has Skybar Foxtail Pittsburgh Responded?

Foxtail & Skybar declined to comment on the footage, despite the ongoing investigation by the police into an incident that took place at the club. According to reports, Foxtail & Skybar closed the pub on July 12th and issued a comment via its website claiming that it was the right choice. After careful consideration, the club management decided to end services at the address.


Recently, a viral video showed inappropriate behavior in which a Pittsburgh woman was shot. This caused anger online as well as in the community. Due to the strain, Skybar Foxtail Pittsburgh also had to temporarily close.


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