The article below explains the various details and definitions pertaining to Wordle 370 as well as the Slite Wordle.

Are you a ferocious wordle solver? Do you enjoy solving problems regularly? Are you wondering if Slite word is connected to any wordle update or not? We must know that the wordle is not released any update to the related version what is the reason why this keyword is getting the attention of puzzle solvers!

People of the United Kingdom, India, Australia,and New Zealand are looking for all the information that are related to this wordle. We’ll begin by explaining how The Slite Wordle is linked to the puzzle.

What is Slite related to The wordle puzzle?

After a thorough study of different platforms on the internet, we have concluded that it’s just an incorrect spelling of wordle #370. The correct answer for the 24th of June wordle would be SMITE. Both words share rhyming relationships and are mostly similar to each other, with the exception of 1 in 2.

The correct letter is M in 2nd place, as per the wordle solution. However, players were confused and decided to use L as the letter, and the answer changed to Slite rather than Smite. Now, let’s look up the meanings of the words to look at the clues and determine connectivity.

Smite and Slite Definition

  • Smite Significance – it has a peaceful meaning in relation to a close connection or peace or an act of mutual harmony, understanding or peace, between two countries.
  • Slite Meaning: An act of breaking, cutting up, wear and tear, to cut.
  • Thus, both meanings could be understood easily both words have legitimate meanings.

Is Slite an acronym for scrabble?

Through the many dictionary-related sites and websites, we discovered that Slite isn’t an appropriate Scrabble word because it has some meaning, so we can answer “yes” to the question: Is Slite a word?!

Hints for the Wordle #370!

  • The word today’s wordle word is comprised of two letters that are not repeated.
  • Vowels that are used include “I”, and “E”.
  • The letter that ends the word is a vowel. It is “E”.
  • The letter that starts the alphabet is a constant. That can be described as “S”.
  • Big Hints: According Oxford, “when 2 things strongly attract each other”.

How to Play Wordle?

  • Visit the official website (given in the end.)
  • Take your time to read the clues and then fill in the letters to form an expression in the five boxes.
  • You’re given 6 chances to win and you should adhere to the color-coded indications for the correct answer.

Slite Game: Which color codes must be followed?

  • Green Color The proper letters are in the right places.
  • Yellow color – The letters that were guesses are correct, however the letters are not in the correct positions.
  • Grey Color The letters are not correct.

Why is this wordle popular?

A lot of players have filled in the tiles with one wrong letter in the 2nd position. This then became Slite and the wordle could show an incorrect prediction. So, the players are looking to know the specifics of the word in this wordle.

The Last Words

After extensive research and looking through the wordle’s hints We can conclude that the right answer is SMITE which makes the wordle Sliteis is a mistake. Are you worried about making a incorrect guess? Don’t be worried, go to the official website to play wordle for the next round. Also, please submit your word you think is a words in the comments section below.


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