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Did you know that the mystery surrounding the death of Somerton man was solved after 73 years? Who did the research to solve this terrible mystery? For all the latest updates, please continue reading this article until the end.

Two researchers have been notified to solve the death mystery that has been unsolved in the United States for over a decade. This article will tell you everything about Somerton Man Cause Death.

Cause Of Death Of Somerton Man

The body of a man was discovered on the beach at Somerton. The body of the deceased person was recently identified. Because of the tensions surrounding the cold war, investigators thought he might have been a Russian spy. Many speculated that the man could have been a ballet dancer because of his powerful calf muscles. Others thought he might be involved in smuggling.

After an autopsy, it was impossible to determine the cause of death for that unidentified individual. How did the Somerton Man die There was no real answer. The autopsy revealed that the body’s liver and spleen were in terrible condition. Although some believed it was poisoning, there were no solid data to support this claim.

Data We Get From A Mysterious Dead Person.

Police rescued a body at Somerton beach on the 1st of December 1948. The body was cleanly dressed. Police found a cigarette on the man’s collar. A Persian poem called Tamam Shud was inside the man’s pocket. The man was between 40-50 years old. Unfortunately, the deceased person did not have a wallet, cash, or ID.

Somerton Man Mystery Solved

We know from the recent discovery by Professor Abbott that the body belonged to a Melbourne-based electrician, Carl Webb. Researchers dismissed the theories of spy, smuggler, or ballet dancer. He had six brothers and sisters.

We learned from the investigation that he was separated from Dorothy Robertson, his wife. He came to South Australia in search of her. After the death of Carl Webb, researchers are now investigating what happened to Dorothy Robertson.

The Identity of Somerton Man Causes of Death

Colleen Fitzpatrick and Derek Abbott solved the mystery surrounding the identity of the dead person discovered on the beach in 1948. Derek used the preserved hair of the dead man to accomplish this feat. He then analysed the DNA of the hair. Colleen Fitzpatrick is a well-known forensic expert in the US. assisted Professor Abbott to discover his identity.


We were able to confirm the identity of the person thanks to the hard work of Professor Abbott and Colleen Fitzgerald. Other information related to the Somerton Man Caused Death was also discovered. We are only partially sure of the cause of death.

Are there any mysteries surrounding death that remain unsolved like the case of Somerton? We would love to hear from you in the comments.


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