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Do you like listening to music on Spotify? Do you know about Icebergify? Have you heard of this term before? Icebergify is a program which allows you to design your favorite music as well as artists from Spotify using the “Iceberg” pattern chart. It’s pretty cool! If you don’t have any idea what this is then we would like to ask you to read the link in Spotify Icebergify. Musicians in Spain, Brazil, the United States, and Portugal are beginning to utilize this feature.

Information on the Icebergify:

Akshay Raj is the creator of Icebergify. It’s an open-source software which was powered by the Spotify Web API. The idea behind this app is not to make money. If you decide to use the app, you must accept their policy on collection. The data that the app will gather from you will be restricted the information you provide in your Spotify username or account ID and the most popular 50 artists and songs over the last couple of years.

About Spotify Stats:

To find out more about your chart, it is necessary to look up your most-played songs, artists , and genres. With 3 different times zones the users can change. Every day, your information will be changed.

You must then examine your performance against the previous visit. By looking at the arrows you can see whether your rank is moving upwards or downwards.

Then, the users have to make a playlist from their music charts. Then, visit the Spotify app to listen to the tracks. Make sure to review the latest songs that you have listened to.

How do I view Spotify Listening History on the phone?

If you wish to listen to previous tracks you are able to go to the search history on Spotify since the app stores the tracks you have previously played.

If you’re using Spotify on your mobile Then, first click the “Home” button in the lower menu of Spotify. After you have clicked”Home “Home” button, you must select the “broken clock” logo, that is the “recently played” option in the right-hand corner of the upper bar. Then , a “Recently Played” page will appear, and then you can listen to the music.

How do I check Spotify Artist Stats?

You are an artist or listener? It doesn’t matter since everyone can find out the frequency at which a song is played. If you’re a music lover to a song, simply visit one of the artists’ Spotify pages and look for”Popular. “Popular” option to see the most popular songs from the artist. If you’re an artist who wants to know how often your songs are played, then join and log in to Spotify For Artists.

Last Words:

Today’s article is here. We hope that the article today about Spotify Icebergify can help you better understand the capabilities of Spotify. If you’re still confused, should click the following link to get more details on Spotifyto help you understand the features of Spotify.

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