The article has information focused on Stephanie Gottlieb’s husband and also other details about her life as a person. Learn more about this subject.

Are you interested in learning more what Stephanie is like? Do you want to know about her life with her husband? If yes, go through the article until the very end. She is the owner of a well-known jewelry company. Her business is well-known across Canada and across the United States and Canada.

If you want to know more about the Stephanie Gottlieb Husband ,you should go through this article until the very end.

About the Marriage Life of Stephanie

His husband is Stephanie Is Brett Gottlieb. The romance among Stephanie and Brett began when they first met in the 5th grade. They hung out with each other at a movie night with a group. The day they met, Brett and Stephanie sat right next to each other. Because they were friends throughout high school and middle school, they only started dating during the final years of their lives. They spent lots of time together once the time came to go back to college. In fact, Brett moved from University of California to the University of Michigan, only to join Stephanie. Wikipediahas also reported on the wedding between Stephanie with Brett.

The personal life of Stephanie

Stephanie started her Bridal and Jewelry Concierge service back in the year 2013. Prior to her launch she was the manager of an end-to-end jewelry collection service for a reputable Wholesale Diamond company in NYC. She also sought her diamond Certification through the GIA. Stephanie and Bratt reside within New York City and have one daughter and a son. The son’s name was Jordan and her daughter’s name was Goldie. They live as an adorable family, with love. Alongside being a family member, Stephanie also has a couple of pets. Stephanie is interested in animals.

Biography of Stephanie Gottlieb

Stephanie began her life on the the 17th of July in 1987. She is a well-known jewelry designer. At first, she created jewelry for family and friends. Her designs later was embraced by people across the nation. She recently started her own jewelry business Stephanie Gottlieb Fine Jewelry. She’s been fascinated by Art and Design since her childhood and has pursued a career in the field of jewelry design. The jewelry she designed earned her the respect of the upper class and society at large, she started her own jewelry design company. Then she was successful in the field of jewelry design. She has amassed an Net worth of 10million dollars in 2022. She also enjoys traveling, which is a pastime she has taken up.

A Life of Stephanie in the Professional Life of Stephanie

Stephanie retains her fashion of jewelry that is inspired by the latest fashion. She also incorporated a mix of current trends and her own style. Stephanie has planned to collaborate with the top jewelry design houses to offer clients a variety of choices. Because of her expertise and experience, her business has always seen growth. Her company is committed to making the highest quality jewelry available that’s why people are able to purchase their jewelry with great enthusiasm. It was only at the age of 35 Stephanie has Stephanie accomplished a lot more. She always tries to offer services to her customers with complete transparency. Stephanie designed some unique designs for the Slider Bangle to symbolize important people and important events. Her jewelry designs are a bit of individual style, as well as fashionable designs.

The Online Jewellery Company

Stephanie started the jewelry design online and Concierge service that offers exquisite jewelry in the year 2009. The business gained traction within a short time. Numerous celebrities and other members from the elite class began to follow her business and purchase jewelry of different styles. She also founded the fashion and lifestyle blog


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