Find exclusive reviews that are not available elsewhere on this Sunset Mesa Home Funeral lawsuit. Also, find out about the verdict of the judge.

Real crime documentaries on cannibals were popular in the past few months. An unreported crime that occurred from 2016 to 2018, came to the forefront when US District Judges of Grand Junction, Colorado, declared the verdict. The people of both the United States and the United Kingdom are browsing the web to find out more about the case.

What did the case have to do with to? We’ll discuss the details of what happened in the Sunset Mesa Home Funeral scam.

What were those suspects?

The case is number 20-CR-00098. Megan Hess (46), the director who was the former at Sunset Mesa Funeral Home, was the main defendant along with the co-owner of the funeral home as well as her mother-in-law – Shirley Koch (69).

What were victims?

Megan and Koch sold body parts from more than 560 dead bodies. The 560 bodies were all among the deceased who were cremated in Sunset Mesa Funeral Home. Sunset Mesa Funeral Home.

What was the method by which the trading that was illegal disclosed?

Between 2016 and 2018, string operations that exposed the human body were increasing. Megan Hess Sunset Mesa Funeral Home used to offer families of deceased relatives free burials deceased when they agreed to donate the body parts of the deceased. Megan was known to charge $1,000.00 for the event that the family didn’t want to give body part from the body.

In the USA selling human organs which can be used for transplantation, such as the liver, kidney, the heart eyes, eyes as well as eyes. It is a crime. But, US law does not regulate the sale of body parts like the legs, hands, head and so on.

No matter what permission was granted by the relatives of the deceased individuals, Megan and Koch at Sunset Mesa Home Funeral utilized cutting the body parts of the deceased and then assemble them with body pieces of other corpses and then sell them off in a way that was illegal. Then, Megan used to deliver fake ashes of the deceased body to families.

This scam was discovered between 2016 and 2018 as well as coverage of criminal activities that took place in other funeral homes.

The case concerning?

The case was related to the actions of Megan and Koch to sell body pieces from corpses without consent. It was claimed that the previous director of the Sunset Mesa Funeral House and the Sunset Mesa Funeral Home’s director, Megan didn’t get the permission of the families of the deceased people buried at the Sunset Mesa Home Funeral prior to selling body parts. The charges also involved cutting the body parts of the bodies.


The judge sent Megan for 20 years in federal prison and Koch to 15 years of federal prison. The prosecution argued for greater punishment, as the families of victims claimed that 20 years of prison wasn’t enough. The lawyer for the defense tried to secure a later date by claiming that one of his lawyers was taking maternity leave. The case was already viewed by more than 200 listeners over the video!

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