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The name isn’t too obvious. What is her job? How do you know who she is? Why do people want to learn what she is? How do you feel of her? People all over the world are eager to find more information on her. Tangmo has a career as an actor. The fans are keen to learn more more information about her. If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right spot. All information related to Tangmo Nida Death Photo is listed below, so please take a look until the end.

Tangmo Nida Cause of death

Tangmo Nida is popularly known as Pattaratida Patcharaveerapong. She is an Thai actor, known because of the roles she has played in her Thai Dramas. Unfortunately, she’s dead. How did she pass away? She was swept away to the Chao Phraya River near the Pibul 1 pier in the Muang District of Nonthaburi on the night of February 24. Her body was discovered in the hands of her father. Her Pictures went viral after her death.

Tangmo Nida Obituary passed away, and funeral

Tangmo Nida passed away on February 24th, 2022. She was an extremely talented actress , who was well-known for her Thai Dramas. Her death was shocking and shocking. The funeral ceremony was scheduled for 11-13 March 2022 in the Church of Joy which is located in Sukhumvit Alley. The dress that was used for the funeral was White and Old Rose and Pink. The news and pictures were posted through Reddit as well as other social media platforms.

The Parents of Tangmo Nida’s

Her parents and siblings were deeply grieved by this devastating loss to their daughter. Many people would like to learn about her parents. Her birthplace was in a settled family. Her mother’s name is Siriyudthayothins. Her father’s name was Sophon Patcharawirapong. Additional details about her can be found on Twitter.

Is Tangmo Nida Married? Husband, Wife, and Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Tangmo Nida was married, she got married in year 2013 to the Thai actor known as Tono Pakin Kumwilaisuk. Unfortunately, they split up and split after only two months of their marriage. We later discovered that she was with the name of Ken Kasper. There are a lot of videos of her wedding that are available through the Internet.

Tangmo Nida Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion

Tangmo is a native of Thailand and is Thai by birth. Born in Bangkok. She is a follower of Christianity.

Tangmo the Age Day of Birth, Birthday

Tangmo Nida was 37 at her death. Her birth date was September 13, 1984. Her death was a shock to everyone and members of the team in Caso helped in finding the body of her.

Tangmo Nida Education Qualification, Career and Early Life

Nida went to Pensmith School for her basic education. Later on she attended Ramkhamhaeng University for her higher studies. She began taking an the interest in acting and modeling in 1998. She has won numerous contests and appeared in a variety of films.


Tangmo Nida was a very well-known actress. She is famous for her acting talents as well as her beauty. She passed away on the 24th of February 2022. The news caused lots of sadness for her loved ones and close friends.

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