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Are you familiar with the story about Tiffany Trump’s wedding? Tiffany Trump, a longtime boyfriend from Lebanon, married Michael Boulos on November 12. The news that Tiffany was married to Michael Boulos, her long-term boyfriend in Lebanon, has delighted the United States as well as the Canada. They now want more information about Tiffany’s husband and who he really is.

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Who’s Michael Buolos? Why was the news about his marriage so viral?

Michael Buolos is an American Lebanese businessman. He met Tiffany in Lindsay Lohan’s club. They began dating in 2018, and got engaged in January 2021. He comes from a wealth family and is expected to inherit billions through his family business.

Michael and Tiffany Pictures

A day after they got married, the images of their marriage went viral on social media. Tiffany married a Lebanese woman and chose to be married in the same place she was born. The images below show her marriage.

What is Net Worth Michael’s?

Michael Buolos is an entrepreneur. His net worth is about $20 million. The net worth is not disclosed in public reports, but it was revealed by sources.

The Bride Pictures Tiffany & Michael

Tiffany married Michael Buolos, her long-term love. They met at Lindsay Lohan’s club and began dating. Pictures of her marriage are widely circulated online.

Who Are Michael’s Parents

Michael was born to Massad Buolos (a businessman) and Sarah Buolos (a mother). They are the Buolos Enterprises’ chief executive, and Michael is an heir of the Nigerian company.

Michael Buolos Age

Michael, who is only 25 years old and works in Nigeria with his family to distribute motorbikes and powerbikes. He was the son of a Houston-based family, and grew up in Nigeria.

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