For many years, the United Kingdom (UK) has been a central figure in the education industry. With no doubt about its quality of education, the UK offers a bit different compared to other countries. Excellent academics, wonderful careers, and lucrative jobs are some features you can avail of with an MS degree from the UK. Being a major part of the European industry, the UK has top-notch options available after graduation. Not only that, but a country is also a fascinating place for lifestyle. Thousands of students choose UK universities for the lifestyle experience there.

Why UK for MS in Computer Science?

UK-based universities are known to offer one-year master’s programs. It means that your MS in computer science can be finished within a year, and you can start working early in the industry. This is great to save up an extra year of tuition plus the living expenses you will be spending as a student. UK universities are very inclined toward the academic aspect. Unlike in other countries, in the UK, an MS in CS will work on your academics and knowledge more than your curriculum. If you prefer technical career prospects, choose a master’s in computer science in the UK.

Technology and development are on grat rise in the UK. The tech industry alone is booming more than any other industry in the UK. As a result, computer science is among the most in-demand degrees in the country. Plus, the CS graduates from the UK are in the top #10 highest paid salaries list. So you can eat the most out of the UK industry worth an MSCS degree by your side.

MS in Computer Science From the UK: Eligibility

When you start planning your study abroad, there are many things to consider. Among those, eligibility is maybe the most crucial one. If you are not eligible to apply for a program at UK universities, proceeding with further events is no point. Universities in the UK have specific requirements for their admission procedure. While some are flexible, some are not. These non-flexible requirements are the things you must have if you want to apply for a computer science masters in the UK.

These are the eligibility criteria you need to follow here –

  • undergraduate degree from a recognized university
  • academic transcripts like school reports, certificates etc.
  • ID proof, passport and photographs
  • language test scores
  • non-refundable application fee

Keep prepared for these mentioned thighs so you can put your focus where it is needed. For instance, your SOP, LORs and Essays are the most crucial things in your admission profile. So keep your major focus on these more than our GRE or IELTS test scores.

MS in Computer Science From the UK: Fee Structure

COmputer science in the UK is not an ordinary degree. However, it is one of the most diverse and technical qualifications you can obtain from UK universities. Generally, the universities there offer a fast-paced one-year master’s degree that starts directly from the specialization. Fees for such programs can range from 20 lakhs to 30 lakhs. Since the masters there are one year long, you only have to pay a single annual fee. While top universities like Oxford, Cambridge, and Imperial charge more, the average ones are more suitable with a limited budget.

Speaking of which, these top universities in the UK can charge upto 30-35 lakhs tuition for a master’s in computer science. But if you are retargeting these universities in the first place, you pretty much have it covered. Besides, scholarships and education loans help students effectively in these situations.

Top Universities for MS in CS in the UK

UK universities are globally known for their top-notch academics and specialized masters. The knowledge you gain from a master’s in the UK is extraordinary. Not to mention, the UK is home to some of the oldest universities in the world. If you seek small duration masters and extensive academic knowledge in the subject, UK-based universities are your best bet.

Here are the top universities for MS in computer science in the UK:

1University of OxfordOxford
2University of CambridgeCambridge
3Imperial College LondonLondon
5The University of EdinburghEdinburgh
6King’s College LondonLondon
7The University of ManchesterManchester
8The University of WarwickCoventry
9University of BristolBristol
10The London School of Economics and Political ScienceLondon


The UK has been the most prominent figure in the standard of education for many years now. Widely regarded for its innovation and research, the country packs some of the world’s finest universities. So if you are more inclined toward academic excellence and core areas in computer science, doing an MS degree in the UK is the right decision.


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