This article contains all details regarding the Troy Crowder Wife as well as additional details on Troy Crowder’s fraudulent behavior. For more information, please read our article.

Are you aware of the fraud case against the ex-NHL player? Do you know about the fraud committed by Troy Crowder to his ex-wife. This article will provide all details. Troy Crowder was sentenced to house arrest. This is the latest trending news in Canada.

This article will cover all information concerning Troy Crowder Wife as well as his fraud towards his ex-wife. Continue reading.

Troy Crowder’s Wiki:

  • Real Name: Troy Crowder
  • Nickname: Not Known
  • Birth date: 3rd May 1968
  • Birth place: Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
  • Profession Former Ice hockey player
  • Height 6 feet 4 inches
  • Weighing:108 Kg
  • Children:2 son
  • Net Worth: $15 Million
  • Zodiac sign Taurus
  • Parents nameNot Known
  • Wife Name:Jennifer
  • Ethnicity: Not Known
  • Nationality Canadian

Troy Crowder in Fraudulent case:

Troy Crowder, a former NFL player, was recently found guilty by the Sudbury court of his fraud towards his ex-wife. After proving guilty, he was quickly sentenced to home confinement. His arrest was trending online.

Troy Crowder, a former NFL star, was arrested Wednesday for his fraud towards Jennifer. According to reports, he was charged with forgery in a case against Jennifer. This was proved in Sudbury Court. In 2019, he fraudulently signed an insurance claim for his ex-wife. This happened when they were separated. The fraudulent insurance claim was for $45,000 to cover the Lake Panache boathouse.

Information on Troy Crowder:

Troy Crowder was born in Sudbury, Ontario Canada on 3 May 1968. He was a former right winger for ice hockey. In 1987, he began his ice hockey career. For seven years, he was part of the national hockey team. In 1986, he was ranked 108th in NHL Entry Draft. His Net worth is 15 million. He played for many different teams throughout his career, including the Vancouver Canucks and New Jersey Devils as well as the Los Angeles Kings, Detroit Red Wings, and Los angeles Kings.

More details about the Troy Crowder fraud:

In 2019, Jennifer and Troy Crowder were seen spending time in their boathouse. Troy Crowder was found guilty by Ontario Court of fraudulently signing his ex-wife’s insurance claim. The total amount of the insurance claim was $45,000

According to reports, Troy Crowder has been charged in four additional cases. He was sentenced to a 1-year probation and an 8-month sentence for his ex-wife, who was a Family member. He will be under house arrest for the first four month. He must also pay $45,467.50 to his ex-wife Jennifer for half of the insurance. Aviva insurance will pay $11,074 for the cost of cleaning and demolition of his boathouse.


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