Vicky Phelan Cervical Cancer Scandal: Know Cause Of Death & Obituary!

This post on Vicky Phelan Cervical cancer Scandal will provide all the details regarding Vicky’s illness.

Are you Vicky Phelan’s friend? Did you hear about Vicky Phelan’s death? Vicky Phelan, a 48-year-old lawyer, had just breathed her last. People from the United Kingdom and Ireland as well as the United States and Canada have paid tribute to Vicky Phelan. This post will cover all information regarding the Vicky Phelan Cervical cancer Scandal. Please continue reading.

Vicky Phelan Causes of Death, How did they die?

Vicky Phelan, an Irish lawyer, died just a few days ago. According to reports Vicky Phelan passed away on 14th November 2022 at Milford hospice in County Limerick. She was diagnosed with cervical carcinoma in 2014. The cervical screening results came back negative. Vicky wasn’t informed of this for three years. Vicky was diagnosed with end-stage cancer in 2017.

Vicky then sued Clinical Pathology Laboratory, the company that had performed her test. As a result, she won the Vicky Phelan Cervical Cancer Scandal case as well as 2.5 million Euros. She discovered that almost 208 women were given incorrect smear test results for cervical cancer. This led to 21 deaths.

Vicky Phelan Obituary. Passed Away. Funeral:

Vicky’s family was there to support her at her time of death. Michael D. Higgins (the president of Ireland) also spoke out in support of Vicky’s passing and stated that her efforts had saved many women. Many people are also posting kind words on social media about Vicky Phelan Cervical cancer Scandal. Details of her funeral and burial are still unknown.

Was Vicky Phelan married?

Vicky Phelan was married to Jim Phelan. Darragh and Amelia were her two children.

Last words

We can summarize the post by saying that Vicky was an extraordinary person who contributed so much to our country. It is sad that such a great soul died so quickly. This page contains more information about Vicky.

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