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The viral video showed a heated fight between a pilot and a passenger over a video that was shared online for several days.

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What does it mean to be viral?

A video was uploaded to the internet on 16 December 2022. It showed a passenger arguing with a flight crew member. This video is receiving endless views. In the video, you can see how a Indigo flight boarded towards Delhi from Istanbul. A verbal fight ensues over food choices between a flight employee and a passenger.

The link header is available on Twitter if you’re looking for the video. On Original Reddit, you can see an airline hostess screaming at her crew member for making him cry.

The passenger called an air hostess while travelling. She screamed, pointed at the woman and asked for the menu. The passenger called an air hostess and demanded information. However, she was not able to speak up. She began crying later. A passenger sitting next to the incident recorded it and shared it on social media.

Video De La Azafata Que Se HizoReactions :

Many people have reacted to the viral video on the internet. The majority of them are supportive of the crew members. Sanjiv Kaplan, the CEO of airways, has given his response to the topic. He came forward to support the employee of airways.

The majority of comments made on social media favor the crew member, as they are performing their duty. They deserve respect from passengers.

Additional information

The verbal was ongoing, but the air hostess explained that she was still human and doing her job, so she needed to receive respect. Everyone on Instagram stood by the air hostess when she raised her voice to correct her colleague’s mistreatment.

Social media users shared their stories of crew being mistreated after the incident. Many people have shared their experiences related to this matter.


A verbal fight takes place between the passenger crew. The video is shared by many people, with most of them supporting the crew member. 

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