This post gives facts and research for the video of Ellie Cooper Getting Jumped.

Are you a fan of softball games? If you do then you may have heard of the well-known Russell. Russell has been a coach assistant at Charleston Southern University. Ellie Cooper’s daughter, who is Russell’s video is being circulated on the world’s web and includes those in United Kingdom.

The footage is of Ellie Cooper is getting viral due to the fact that she is the sister of Russell and has a long family history in the field of softball. Therefore, everyone would like to know the specifics of this video of Ellie Cooper Getting Jumped. To know the specifics about the clip, check out this post until the end.

What’s the purpose of the viral clip?

At present, the footage that features Ellie Cooper is getting viral across the web. In the viral clip two girls assault an innocent victim who appeared to be weak and not strong enough. The video shows a woman dressed in shorts and a crop top in black as she pulls the victim’s hair. While she begged for other girls to help, none interfered in her rescue.

On the footage, it can be evident that another girl was also filming the fight as the victim tried to shield her face using her hands. But it’s not clear what caused the fight and why everyone is kicking this girl and why nobody attempts to help the girl.

What is the Video of Ellie Cooper Getting Jumped Reveals?

The location remains the same as the incident is unknown, as well as the person who uploaded the video. Once the footage went widely circulated, people urged authorities to investigate the incident and take necessary steps against the culprit.

But, there’s no additional information on the incident, but when we learn more details about the incident, we’ll update you via our update blog.

Who Is Ellie Cooper?

Ellie Cooper belongs to a strong family of softball. The father of her, Russell who is an assistant to coach, plays for Charleston Southern University. In addition the year 2018 she played to her role on the Florida State softball team.

The year she was born, she was employed as the assistant coach to East Carolina’s East Carolina softball team. In addition, she participated in the Women’s World Championship in 2016 where she finished in the top eight along with 2 Junior World Championships. To learn more about video of Ellie Cooper Getting Jumped continue to read this article.

In her four years at college she took home tournament championships as well as during the Atlantic Coast Conference regular season. In addition, she went on a trip abroad in the capacity of New Zealand National Team captain.


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