Read the article fast, until the end, to get all the details about the Waka Sabadell Video Chico Y Chica Incident.

Have you seen Waka Sabdell’s video leaked yet? What is the contents of this video? What happened to the boy and the girl in the video’s footage? Why is this controversial? Where was the incident?

This video is, for the moment, the most controversial. It’s clear. Let’s see why this video is trending Worldwide. Read more about the Waka Sabadell Video Chico Y Chicaincident.

What do you think the Waka Sabadal video contains?

Tiktok shared a video from the Waka Sabadell nightclub, Spain, on 23/12/2015. The nightclub is believed to be involved with many controversy.

This time, though, Waka Sabadell nightclub released a video in which a boy and a girl were seen performing a grownup act right in the middle. See the video below for the social media links.

See Full Video Viral on Reddit:

This video shows some grownup actions. Reddit has also shared some links to it. This shared link contains only the most recent news.

In the video, two teens are seen engaging in inappropriate actions in front crowd in a club. Some young people recorded the scene and it went viral on social networks. He immediately changed his pants after realizing he was being filmed.

The statements of the girl are here!

The video is also available on social media platforms, including Twitter. According to the statement, the 16 year-old girl was assaulted at nightclub.

She said that the girl doesn’t remember anything about the incident at the nightclub. After the incident was made viral, the girl’s parents filed a formal complaint.

More information about Waka Sabadell:

Sources say that Waka Sabadell is a part of major controversy. Prior to this, an attack was committed against a minor girl.

A viral video of the girl also shows her claiming she was intoxicated with an item, as she can’t remember what happened that evening. As an external link, the video is also trending YouTube.

Netizens’ reaction

A user made a plea via Twitter to not share the video clips of the young victims in the Waka Sabadell incident.


The Waka Sabadell video leak incident was shocking for the boy and the girl involved. Here is a link to more information about the Waka Sabadell video incident.

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